The lunar cycle: the one who saves you when not menstrual

Did you know that even in the phases of life in which not menstruates (pregnancy, breastfeeding, stress or pill, menopause) are you equally cyclical, just in the same way? Each month, however, it crosses 4 phases characterized by the same energies of the hormonal phases. But how is it possible?

The moon phases influence us all

Men are cyclicals too! Yes, because every living being is influenced by the lunar phases (the peasants have always known) and there is nothing esoteric. Exactly as the lunar cycles influence tides, I remind you that our body consists of 70% of water; It's not a little, right? The moon phases therefore also move the tides of our emotions.

It is no coincidence that the lunar cycle and the menstrual cycle have an identical average duration (29.5 days). And here in the 4 phases of the moon we can find the energies of the 4 hormonal phases, the 4 seasons, the 4 archetypes of the menstrual cycle (of Miranda Gray), the 4 elements of nature, the 4 cardinal points and the 4 phases of the day. Let's see them in detail:

  • Black moon or new moon: It is the first phase of the lunar cycle, when the moon is completely obscured. This darkness and this staticity energy corresponds to the menstrual phase, the winter season, the archetype of the Crona or Megera, to the Earth element, the North and the night; All words that recall rest and recollection.
  • Crescent moon: It is the second phase of the lunar cycle, when the moon begins slowly to grow and, from a husband, it becomes increasingly bright (growing gibbous moon). This "young" and sparkling energy that talks to us of new beginnings, of carefree, lightness and playfulness corresponds to the follicular or post-meastrous phase, the spring season, the archetype of the girl, the air element, the East and the morning.
  • Full moon: It is the third phase of the lunar cycle, when the moon reaches its peak of light. Everything is amplified, even the perfumes emitted by flowers and plants. This moment of maximum expansion corresponds energetically to the ovulatory phase in which we are usually more open, expansive, loving and patient; To the summer season, to the archetype of the mother (intended as a creator also of a project), to the fire element, in the South and in the South.
  • Falling moon: It is the last phase of the lunar cycle, when the moonlight starts to decrease again until it becomes completely obscured. This moment of descent and return to the darkness that speaks to us of rest and to let go energy corresponds to the premenstrual phase, to the autumn season, the core of the enchantress, the water element, the west and in the afternoon/evening. At this stage you could feel the need to throw and order (even in interpersonal relationships).

Have you heard the energy correspondences among the elements of each phase? Do they call you something like you?

It is important to point out that you could feel differently in the various lunar or hormonal phases, compared to the sensations described. This is because we are all different and none of us are wrong, so each of us lives the phases in a way. The energies reported are those in which most of the population is reflected but if you live them differently it is fine.

Here here comes into play once again the mapping (if you don't know what it is, I invite you to read my article on What is mapping and how it can help you) with which you can understand how you also live every lunar phase. After a few months you may start noticing a pattern that repeats itself in the various stages. Maybe in a particular lunar phase you are super creative and you have 1000 intuitions or in another you are angry and nobody can be approached. Think of the potential of knowing how to predict these changes and be able to exploit them on a working and also personal level, exactly as with the menstrual cycle.

It is not always easy to know how to read and listen, because taken from the daily routine we never take a moment to ask ourselves how we are. The mapping helps us to find that moment and whoever has difficulty map of or above all to exploit the results of the mapping at most, can contact a life coach specialized in cyclicity.

If you are in a phase of life in which for any reason you do not have a hormonal cycle, then I invite you to connect to the lunar cycle; Learn to look at the moon out of the window, to see how it changes during the month and how you change you with her. To me this practice saved when I was breastfeeding and I had not yet had the head of the head and I am sure that you can help you too.

Paola Ghilardini - Life Coach for women

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