Full Bundle Absorbents

ā‚¬12,99 ā‚¬14,50

Box 3 absorbent boxes: full coverage, day and night! šŸŒžšŸŒœ

Never get caught unprepared with our box designed for you! The complete bundle is the all-in-one solution for every moment of your cycle. Here's what you will find inside:

  1. Day box - contains 10 absorbent day designed to guarantee comfort and protection during your daily activities, free from unwanted substances.

  2. Night box - Offers 10 night absorbents Designed to ensure you a peaceful night and without thoughts. Golden dreams without compromise on safety and quality.

  3. Saving box - a box with 24 Salvaslip Light, ideal for those days of light flow or simply to feel fresh and dry every day.

Choose purity, effectiveness and sustainability in a single box. For you who don't satisfy you and always look for the best, at any time of the month!

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