Spicy tea apple and cinnamon

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Covered and tisanine? Discover our spicy tea apple and cinnamon

A hug of taste and well -being

Imagine a Sunday afternoon, wrapped in a soft blanket, holding a steaming cup of herbal tea. Our spiced apple and cinnamon tea is the essence of those moments of pure tranquility.

Ingredients that pamper

  • Juicy apple: For a gently familiar flavor.
  • Aromatic cinnamon: A spiced caress that warms the heart.
  • Almond: For a delicate and nutritious note.
  • Orange: A touch of citrus freshness.
  • Toasted puffed rice: For a slight crunchiness that surprises.

Not just a tea, an experience Each sip of this enveloping herbal tea is a journey in sweeter and more relaxing sensations. Created specifically to accompany you in times of stress during menstruation, this mixture offers immediate comfort and a sweet escape from the routine.

Your moment of relaxation Stock up with spicy tea apple and cinnamon and turn your every pause on a special occasion. Give yourself or give a unique experience of well -being and taste.

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