Draining herbal tea with herbs

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Drenant herbal tea with herbs: your natural ally during menstruation

Purification and relaxation in each sip

Discover the magic of our draining herbal tea, a symphony of herbs selected for your well -being during the most stressful days of the month.

A charity and delicate mix

  • Melissa: Known for its calming properties, it brings serenity to each cup.
  • Moringa: An exotic touch rich in nutrients.
  • Nettle: Renowned for its purifying virtues, ideal for your internal well -being.
  • Pineapple: He adds a fruity sweetness and promotes digestion.
  • Cherry: For a delicious and slightly acidic ending.

Perfect companion of wellness This infusion was designed to accompany you on cycle days, offering you a moment of pure relaxation while helping your body in purification. The combination of herbs and fruit creates a unique taste experience, capable of soothing the body and mind.

Rediscover the pleasure of taking care of you Let yourself be enveloped by the warmth of this herbal tea and give yourself a moment of sweet escape from the routine. Ideal for finding balance and serenity.

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