How to get rid of the good intentions (of others!) Of the beginning of the year

Here they arrive ... the inevitable good intentions of the beginning of the year!
Also defined as intent, objectives, goals, aspirations, projects or for the most romantic ... dreams! We also call them as we prefer, but the meaning that is usually sold, let's face it, is not of the most encouraging.
Toxic hyper -reproductivity since the beginning of the year (January is the new September and after September January returns with the diet, the gym and so on) the desired effects do not always have on us. Maybe we also dedicated some time to evaluate what has not gone in the past, to consider all aspects of the matter or simply to make a balance.
But why all this is not enough to motivate us? Why will we continue to ask ourselves if we will do it, if we find the time and way of carrying out our projects, if we finally stop procrastinating or giving up?

Let's go in order.

And let's pull it into question, her: the so -called social pressure. That invalidating influence that can undermine our ability to maintain an opinion or an idea in front of others, leading us to suffer and conform to socio -cultural expectations.
In a nutshell, losing oneself and one's identity in favor of an ideal of others. Not little!

When it happens, the perception of ourselves also flaws. We define ourselves, judge, we criticize feeding that immense gap between the real and the ideal of the self! But ... the ideal of whom? Our? Yours, them?
Let's also put a dose of spasmodic comparison well nourished by social media (because it is better than me, more popular, more constant, more more?) And frustration will certainly subscribe!

So how to get rid of these dysfunctional models?

First of all, recognizing what it is my, what comes from myself and what are the my values. How much all this differs and differentiates from a motivational to do list, generalized and set on the target follower.

Let yourself be guided by proper Values ​​increases motivation, speechless energy and taking concrete steps towards one's needs. Only in this way can we experiment with more sales, tolerate frustrations, act the change! Without waiting every year the new year but recognizing today (spoiler: not the past, not the future, but only today is the space in which we have a radius of action!).

Yes, the theory is fine but ... how to do it?

There are some simple but powerful tools of self -exploration and awareness such as Mindfulness, Journaling and Grounding that can act as important first steps in our evolutionary path (and if I were curiosity to go even deeper ... Psychotherapy!)

Gentle Reminder: Tuttə, as Umanə and Vulnerabilə, we are subject to social pressure. However, we can live as actors of our life and not simple scroller of the good intentions of others!

Lucia Scarano

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