Zan Zan! Odyssey of a DDL

Everyone likes to fantasize, get rid of, get lost in their hallucinations to transform them into nightmares, a bit like the protagonist of Car from Fé, so convinced of the death of his wife who, although seeing her in front of him in flesh and blood, believed it a ghost. Recently, some have said, gripped precisely by fantasticians, that the real goal of Ddl Zan Not so much the uprooting of homotransphobia and misogyny, as the customs clearance of the practice of surrogate motherhood (often called, brutally, "" rented uterus "). Maybe! The fact is that this eventuality is a hallucination, in fact, a fantastic that unfortunately not foreseen at any point in the decree law. But let's go in order.

The general discussion in the Chamber began on August 3, 2020, in short, in unsuspected times, and, after a series of delays related to the host of the League and Brothers of Italy, who had presented the exception of constitutionality, the bill Finally, by Alessandro Zan had been approved on November 4, with a majority of 265 deputies in favor, against 193 against - and an abstention. However, the discussion in the Senate has not yet begun, and this is because first it is necessary that the examination of the Justice Commission is overcome, which delays calendarization. Andrea Ostellari, president of the Commission, has in fact canceled the meeting of the Bureau scheduled for 30 March, which should have made a date. A question of "merit and regulation", some argue, and not of obstructionism: the priorities are others, they affirm, such as the reform of the civil trial, the honorary judiciary and the bill against animal violence. In short: is there much more to deal with, why don't we talk about ...? Of course, the priorities are many, the problems even more; But we are sure that the safeguarding of man and women From hatred crimes it is a question to be set aside as "not urgent"? Because this is the fulcrum of the law, whose title reads: "Measures for preventing and contrasting discrimination and violence for reasons based on sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and disability".

If the first articles of the law clarify and distinguish the concepts of sex, sexual orientation and gender identity, introducing these words, together with the disability, among the categories protected by the criminal code, the fifth, perhaps the most important, changes the left -handed law. That is, it extends to crimes based on sex, gender identity, sexual orientation or abjecting prison sentence, already foreseen for "who, in any way, incites to commit or commit violence or acts of provocation to violence for reasons racial, ethnic, national or religious "(art. 1 Mancino law).

Until here everything is fine, it comes to say. The hatred crimes in Italy are so many - and thus increased during the pandemic, as evidenced by the Vox and Oscad observatory - that a law that prevents them and punish them seems indispensable. But apparently, many prefer to hold back, while apparently agreeing on respect for people, regardless of sexual orientation. But? Because, in these cases, it seems that there is always a "but". Gender identity? What is that? Some representatives of the institutions claim that biological sex coincides with gender identity. And this is not yet another violation? In a nutshell they argue: yes to homosexuality (as long as children are not adopted), no to trans (gender or sex to be). On the penalty regarding the violence - it is only a few weeks ago the homophobic aggression in the metro of Rome - all in agreement. Only the fact that some categories are more safeguarded than others is not conceived: "The victims must all be protected", recall the pressing, a sentence that sounds as much as theAll Lives Matter, in response to the famous movement Black Lives Matter.

The truth is that some categories, on the other hand, go more protected Because more affected, because they are discriminated against daily, attacked, beaten, insulted and sometimes not even recognized. The problem is that the law proposed by Alessandro Zan should not be something to move a crusade, because it is not about politics, but of common sense. In Europe all states have a similar decree, except for Poland and Hungary (of course, not a great surprise); We believe that the time has also come to Italy, so that certain horrors are overcome, so that a social growth process fair and indispensable. Without hallucinations or nightmares.

Enrico Ponzio 

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