«Libres», the representation of the woman

Between taboos and stereotypes

There is what women don't say and then what is said about women. The result is simple: a false representation that has invaded and invades the collective imagination. 

I have recently discovered a French mini-series that, while making me fall in love, made me think. Its title is "Libres»And we will never thank his authors enough, the French director Ovidie and the journalist Sophie-Marie Laruy: there are 10 very short episodes, about 4 minutes each-who invite you to watch-, each dedicated to a commonplace , to an aesthetic, social and sexual canon that invests the role of women. All seasoned with a pungent irony that forces us to think. 

Ranging from reflections on dick-pic to anal penetration, advice is extended on each theme, that of freedom, the real common thread of the series, celebrated since the title. 

It will not be appropriate to tell you that an episode is dedicated to menstruation, recognized as one of the great taboos of our society, which still arouses dismay in many people today. The representation of menstrual blood, as we know, is banned in France as in Italy, helping to encourage a feeling of repression that leads us to hide, still, absorbent and swabs. 

But some canons, remind us of the authors of "libres", can also be more dangerous: the obsession with aging, for example, or that for calories, derived from a company that promotes reference models young and perfectly Model, or which transmits, pounding, advertising of anti -wrinkle creams or against the imperfections produced by cellulite. 

The point is that most of us - not to say all* - has the mark of a stretch marker somewhere in the body, that we are* we are destined to age, and to all like a dessert, a drink, a pizza . But we are ashamed, we feel guilty because we are constantly paragonat* to models, it is appropriate to admit it, wrong. 

To get rid of it, the expedient is only one: to understand what is best for us, here and now. Let's get on a diet, we buy anti-aging creams, we live freely from stereotypes our sexuality, even we shake if it is something that makes us feel good, far away from the conditioning that society imposes on us.

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