Skincare in the cycle phases

A few weeks ago, we talked about hormonal intelligence. Now, allə We know how much, during these famous 28 days, change our skin. 

That the premenstrual syndrome is light or strongly impactful, allə We note "imperfections" of which, generally, we try to get rid of the shortest possible time. Once again we can bring it back to the knowledge of our body, to reach a perfect harmony with us stessə 

Anyway, to take care of your skin, keep a trick in mind: diversified Treatments! In fact, it is not necessary to apply the same products during each phase of the menstrual cycle. Clearly, keep in mind the characteristics of your skin, but in general if you start observing yourself more closely, you will notice recurring changes. 

During the follicular phase, thanks to the high level of estrogen, the skin is more hydrated And bright. Even if it requires less care in this period, we recommend using creams that contain vitamin C and retinoids, to bring out the natural state of your face. 

The luteal phase It is certainly the most complex for the skin that becomes more fat: As you get closer to menstruation will almost certainly arise pimples. In these days it is necessary to use detergents Effective and an exfoliating to keep the skin clean, checking the excess of sebum. 

During menstruation, for the lowering of progesterone and estrogen levels, the skin does dry, consequently becoming more irritable. It is necessary to use very delicate products for Lhenish And purify Skin. 

Set up an adequate Skincare routine, will not only do your skin: take a break, dedicate yourself of time is essential to lower stress levels and to regain a precious ally, time. So two pigeons with a Fava, right? Visit ours shop In the section dedicated to the skincare, to discover the latest arrivals: if you try them, you will not be able to do without them. 

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