We are all Sarah Everard

In recent weeks, public opinion has been shaken by an event that touches all of us - to whatever genre we feel we belong - very closely.

The case is that of the tragic disappearance of Sarah Everard: what happened is all too well known, but still deserves a short note. After an evening at friends' house, Sarah walks around 9 pm from the Clapham district, in the south area of ​​London, towards his home which, unfortunately, will never reach yet another victim of a violence all too widespread.

His disappearance led us to rethink a problem as silent as it widespread: the fear that women live every time they have to go home alone at night. There are various stratagems to which each one thinks: stay on the phone with their friends, prefer a taxi even when it comes to traveling a handful of isolates, accelerating the step to get as soon as possible to the destination, arm yourself with stinging spray etc. How many times, then, did we ask a friend to write to us as soon as he arrived at home? 

But the point is: all this should exist? The answer can only be a sound no! Yet, the very high number of feminicides, the very high number of women who suffer violence - of whatever type they are, physical, verbal, psychological - makes the fear firmly founded. 

The tragic story of Sarah, on the other hand, reminds us that not even taking the right "precautions" can take us home healthy and hi. The point is that it must change something deeper, which is linked to another type of vehicular educational project that has respect for all kinds and containment of their instincts as focal points. 

In fact, what many accuse is that the problem of gender violence is managed by states in an emergency that practically implies greater lighting of the roads and a more substantial deposit of the police forces. This is certainly not the tenders of the skein: it is time to start thinking about it on the same level, to attribute their responsibilities to each one. As long as we continue to teach women that they have to protect yourself, nothing will change. What is needed is to educate - and surely you are taking steps forward - the boys to respect the sensitivity of women: that it is not necessary to make an unwanted appreciation aloud, that it is preferable to change the side of the road if it is night and in front of They are a girl.

They are only small steps that can derive only from a family and school education and from a language that must change. Words have a great weight: they are the main filter through which we perceive the world and all too often, frequent daily expressions paint a world in which men are superior to women. 

Instead, we teach the new levers that women behind the wheel Not They are a constant danger, that we must not focus on what they wear, that managerial places can reach them without having granted to anyone, that a strong woman it does not have balls: is strong.

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