What cramps!

Remedies to manage menstrual cramps


Menstrual cramps represent an unwanted fixed appointment for most people with the cycle. We are not all the same and for this reason even the pains connected to the cycle can vary by shape and intensity from person to person: commonly, however, what most of us complains is a pain that affects the abdominal area. This is caused by the excessive production of prostaglandins, molecules that cause the contractions of the uterus, especially in the first days of menstruation.

In short, cramps are an unpleasant event that often also accompanies other disorders such as headaches, diarrhea and swelling. These are invalidating symptoms, often not appropriately considered (for example, Italian law does not provide for any form of menstrual leave!), Which force us to drag us from one place to another to respect our agenda anyway.


Learning to recognize itself is also fundamental in this case because the very acute menstrual pain (more scientifically indicated by the term dysmenorrhea) can be connected to some diseases. In this case we talk about secondary dysmenorrhea And more in -depth analyzes indicated by your gynecologist can lead to the recognition of inflammatory disorders, endometriosis, fibroids or cysts.

However, more commonly menstrual cramps are not connected to any pathology: in this case, they usually vanish over the first two or three days of menstruation.

Now that we have a more complete picture on the origin of menstrual pain, let's see what some remedies can be.


  • Try to reduce it stress. In fact, emotional tension can increase the intensity of menstrual pain!
  • Keep in mind that the heat It is an excellent ally to relax muscle tension. You can apply a hot water bag or give yourself a relaxing hot bath.
  • Practice one frequently one sport. If you don't feel like it, however, try with a walk or opt for a bike ride. Now we can also take advantage of the summer!
  • Check yours diet: has a fundamental role! Avoid spicy foods, do not take too much caffeine or alcohol. Try hot drinks as fennel -based herbal teas (for its antispask or ginger -based properties. In general, it is important to drink a lot. Choose foods of easy digestibility to limit the sense of swelling, rich in Omega 3, magnesium and vitamin C which facilitates the absorption of iron.
  • Practice a massage With relaxing oils at the height of the belly: in many cases it quickly attenuates the pain caused by menstrual cramps.

Surely over time you will find the most suitable remedies for your body! If you know other valid remedies, do not hesitate to share them with us below, in the section dedicated to the comments!

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