A cycle for safeguarding the planet

Like most of the celebratory days, even the one dedicated to the protection of our planet has a caliginous origin that can only obscure the expression of all those who care about the environment.

In fact, the day of the earth is linked to a real environmental catastrophe, which took place in 1969 off the coast of Santa Barbara, California, where 100,000 barrels of crude oil were overturned. We all know how many similar episodes have occurred over time they have polluted resources that, in order to be reinstated, would need millions of years. Just move with the memory of just over a year back to remember, for example, the shocking series of arson that affected the Amazon, to gather space to be allocated to agricultural land.

While the earth, meanwhile, is looking at, sending clear signs: the most evident, under everyone's eyes, are those related to extreme weather events such as storms on the one hand, and waves of heat on the other.

More than ever it is necessary that each contributes, adopting Sustainable lifestyles. All we know that it is difficult to give up a series of conventions that concern the most varied areas of life, from nutrition, transport, consumer choices. 

The idea of This unique It started from here: it is not acceptable that all those who have a menstrual cycle, for a long time, have had as its main solution to use absorbent and tampons stuffed with micro and macro plastics. According to some studies, a single package of traditional absorbents (which we almost certainly used for a more or less long period of life) would contain 2.4 g plastic, equivalent, to be clear, to about 4 shopping bags.

For how many years on average menstruation accompany each of us? 30. Only in Italy, how many millions of people have menstruation? 21 million, about 4 days a month.

The numbers are amazing, even frightening if we consider that every absorbent that contains plastics takes more than 400 years to decompose. Fortunately, new methods are spreading to experience the cycle in a green manner, from washable absorbents to menstrual cups: but they do not feel comfortable with these tools and it is necessary that, to live a recurring experience such as menstruation, each He can choose the accessory with which he feels most comfortable.

We couldn't stay and watch: this is one of the reasons that believed us to believe in the adventure of This unique To propose a compostable product such as Sustainable consumption choice against, first of all, of the earth. We see sustainability as a path and we are Fierə to take our steps in that direction, with you.

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