The hour of presentations

Girls and boys, it's time for presentations! We are the team of This unique And, without stealing too long, we want to tell you because we believe in this project.

We have not come so far to propose yet another type of absorbent or buffer: what has pushed us to believe in this adventure is that a very low percentage of women feels represented by brands that deal with hygiene linked to the menstrual cycle on the market.

Menstruation, on the other hand, are a serious fact: they accompany a woman on her life path for about thirty years and it is right that the purchase of the necessary products can be customizable. And then, why is the cycle taboo still widespread in our society? It is right that you talk about it freely and that a mainstream awareness is achieved on this, as on many other topics that we propose to deepen.

In fact, if you flow at the first line of this article, you will see that we also turn to a male audience: it is legitimate that you ask yourself why, that it is soon said! We believe in a community within which everyone can express their opinions, undergoing here, periodically, themes on which to reflect and debate. We are sure that only through dialogue can we really break down the walls we inherited, and this is our first goal.

At the same time we want to help, despite our small way, to the environment: we designed an entirely compostable and plastic free line of products! Do you think that only 1% of the absorbents sold in Italy is biodegradable and this generates a very strong impact: we can all do our part, and This unique It gives you the opportunity to make a conscious purchase.

And of period poverty Have you ever heard of? It is the expression that is used to indicate the economic impossibility of being able to guarantee absorbent and swabs during the menstrual cycle. For us, this has a great importance: so, we thought of giving a percentage of our products, based on sales, associations that deal with counteracting this type of poverty, more widespread than we imagine!

And then to whatever you belong, we are sure to have convinced you to join the community with all these topics! So ... that the menstrual revolution Start!

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