The post-cenone Christmas balance sheet

Christmas has passed, and the eve officially inaugurated, together with the various celebrations, the time of the budget. With the new year at the gates, each of us finds himself inevitably rethinking the focal moments of 2020 and planning the objectives of 2021.

It is in moments like this that we notice the change Which envelops, impeccable, our lives: rethinking us, no one will be able to say the same as the version of itself of 26 December 2019. This year then, in particular, our plans have undergone an unexpected revision: We had to learn to look at the world through a mask and get used to the absence of friends, family, boyfriends and the various annexes and connected.

But all this will not have been enough if, yesterday, as every year you will have to face the comments (or maybe i judgments?!) Of the Christmas lunch, by an old aunt on the body or on the state of your sentimental life, who have made your safety creak. How is it possible that a girl like you still don't have a boyfriend? Why do not you eat? Do you have as a kilo too much, you perhaps let yourself go a little? And the list could continue indefinitely ...


The point is that it doesn't matter: This kind of comments are only the bricks responsible for raising the pillar of insecurity. But, speaking of changes, the first and most important must take place in us: let's accept ourselves for what we are and love each other. It doesn't matter if our line was at the top last year and maybe today not, if on our skin, toned and smooth until some time ago, the sign of time begins to glimpse.


All this is not only the summary of a pill of popular wisdom, but the scientific bases to appeal to are varied. To say one, consider that, in particular The female body continuously changes in relation to the menstrual phase in which it is located... So if everything changes inside and around us, why should we worry or, even more, to be ashamed of the small or large metamorphosis that interest us?

So, if next year, at the umpteenth inevitable Christmas lunch, we will hear comments aimed at our appearance or our lives but we will not let ourselves influence, We will have a better version of ourselves in front of ourselves.


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