Blood stains, goodbye

I am sure that we all had to face, and much more than once, bloodstains scattered on our clothes or on our underwear. In the meantime, the largest of the question marks took shape on our faces.

We have collected some advice from some serial stains, so that it can remain here as a small vademecum.


1) If the blood is fresh, the situation is the simplest. Use a very cold jet of water to remove, adding, if the case requires it, a little Marseille soap. I recommend, however, never use hot water! It could fix the stain on the fabric.


2) If instead the blood is dry, but the stained head is very delicate, we recommend mixing salt with a little water, creating a mixture. The grains of salt are a cure -all for incrustations and do not fade the fabrics. Apply it, rinse and finish the process with a cold washing.


3) it is likely to have had some technical problems at night who materializes in a stain on the sheet and, alas, also on mattress. This yes, it is part of the stubborn stains: try to apply a layer of toothpaste on the blood. When it is dry, remove it by helping you with the bristles, for example, of an old toothbrush. More than an application is likely to be necessary, but your mattress will be Salvo.


4) Finally, for the dry blood that has deposited on non -delicate garments, we recommend using oxygenated water. The carbon dioxide that contains you dissolve the blood and, in general, the most difficult spots. Try this solution first on a hidden corner of the boss, so as not to risk ruining it irreparably.

Ah, if you have finished the oxygenated water, don't worry! Try with carbonated water, the effect will be the same.


All of us, however, we will have of the intimate that we have not been able to demand properly.

Our advice is: don't throw it up! You can always keep it aside and use it during the period of your menstruation. Again, the environment will be grateful to you.

If you have other suggestions or you want to tell us about your experience with one of the techniques we have proposed to you, write to us in the comments!

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