The color world

Each new morning, I will go out on the streets

looking for the colors.

C. Pavese




All around us, it has explosion of colors: very often they are details that pass, or we think they pass, unnoticed. In reality, as demonstrated more and more in -depth studies, the colors have a great influence on our psyche and the reception of impressions and information.


Each color is linked to a sphere of emotional influence capable of soliciting in us, a vast range of sensations, from well -being to vitality.

On the other side of the medal, far from spontaneity, with certain colors have been associated with classifications that are hardly overcome. An example? The world is divided between pink bows and blue bows. No, it has not always been like this: you can be sure that this is an acquisition of modern times, indeed very modern. In reality, the color-genre associations are completely unfounded: consider that exactly the opposite was long. It was recommended that the males were dressed in rose, and the females of blue.

At the origin of the change of pace, we find studies related to color psychology: it was evaluated that, being linked to the ability to instill serenity and tranquility, it was more suitable for women and everything that represented the female gender in the middle of the last century. Today, nothing more wrong: this vision has been climbed first of all by the overcoming of the binary genre.


Obviously, we cannot neglect the topic of menstruation. By nature, they should be represented by a single color: red! But how often does it happen to us, still, to see the blood represented as a blue liquid in the commercials? Women are not aliens, much less noble: their blood is red, like that of all humans! From our point of view, these are the elements of the narrative that indirectly make up the veil of taboo around the menstrual cycle.

An interesting step forward to fight the stigma of menstruation did Pantone, a leading company in the classification of colors, launching at the end of September 2020 Period, a shade of red inspired by the color of menstruation. The goal they declared that they have placed themselves is to want to help women to be proud of what they are, even during the menstrual period.

It is time to change the symbolism behind menstruation, unhingeing one at a time all the taboos that condition our imagination: let's start with red, a symbol of audacity and pride, but also of that life force that nature, every month, more or Less punctual, it reminds women who are in them.

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