Cycle stories

"You became a woman." This is what everyone, in its different variations, we felt saying to the appearance of the first menstruation. Between great expectations, a little fear and more or less awareness, we all waited for the moment of the menarca.

It officially sanctioned, according to adults and friends with a few years more, the entry into the life of adults: perhaps it is not always clear that the appearance of menstruation coincides with the principle of female fertility or, better, with the biological potential of procreate. In those months we all faced showy external changes, learning to recognize ourselves even in a changing body: the body begins to take more defined forms, the size of the breast increase and the first hair emerge.


We thought of asking some of our followers to tell us stories related to the menarca who have experienced firsthand or not. So, the word to you.

Claudia He tells us: «I remember my first menstruation very well. One day, when I was just over ten years old, I screamed in joy in the bathroom. I had become an adult; Soon, however, the enthusiasm struck, submerged by the problems I should have faced, primarily social acceptance. Other girls of my age, who had not yet had menstruation, made fun of me: I still have clear the anxiety with which I hid the absorbents in the pockets of the school aprons.

All he improved, however, when I met friends with whom to confront and laugh with, competing for those who had lived the worst episode ".

Stephanie He intervenes and says: «I knew very well what the cycle was: I had accompanied my aunt and my mom a thousand times in the bathroom. I knew the difference between swabs and absorbents; Several times, far from my menarca, I tried to use an absorbent, a total failure.

Then, one afternoon, while I was doing sports, I heard strange belly cramps, which the next day became more intense. In the bathroom, I saw the water of the cabinet tinge red: "It's over", I thought. "I'm losing the intestine!". My mother laughed at my statement and then, moving, greeted my entry into the world of adults.

There and there I heard a great nostalgia (I was no longer a child: I could still continue playing? I wondered) but also a great curiosity: I could not wait to check the situation in the bathroom! ».

And finally, Diana, he tells us about himself and an old schoolmate: «It was the middle school and I was chatting with an friend who had recently arrived. When he played the bell of the interval, we got up to go out and we saw a huge patch of blood on the chair: I remember his embarrassed expression. Contrary to what everyone could expect, nobody ironized, not even the males. He surprised me a lot that this fact was considered with the normality that belongs to him and I was happy with it: it only interested that she was well!

As for me, I had an arrival of the first menstruation everything to laugh. I was sleeping and I was awakened by the sudden scream of my aunt: it indicated a blood stain on my sheet. They made me run to the bathroom and I don't get back to the sight of all that red: they passed out, beating my head against the bathtub. When I woke up, still a little frankmed, they explained to me that everything was normal: they were Alone The menstruation! ».


In all the stories we proposed to you, and in others we have listened, there is always the reference to the fear of publicly admitting that we have the cycle. This is certainly the consequence of years of taboos, which women were taught to never pronounce the word Menses: But luckily, they are changing. It is 2021, and while humanity is preparing to overcome the boundaries even of one's planet, let's help us live the cycle with the normality it deserves: we do not hide the absorbents, nor be ashamed of the bloodstains. We could even have surprises, as in Diana's story, and meet people who show us that the taboo is only in our head.

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