Sexuality and school

There is a remarkable waste between what adults think that boys and girls know about sex and what they really know. We refer to that very young part of the population, in short, medium people, who - as is known - begins in those years to approach sex - in a broad sense - and to everything that concerns him.


Yet, more or less consciously, we tend to self-win us that they, of sex, know very little. Maybe so. Know It is a vague and large concept, and knowing sexuality is something that is done over time, without even learning everything. What is undoubted, however, is that * girls * of their age have almost daily contact with the most varied explicit content. Not only do they know a naked, feminine or male body, but know terminology, positions, pornographic categories, the names of actors and actresses.

They know how it works in theory, a sexual act and are not surprised much. I talked about it a few days ago with a dear friend of middle school teacher. He told me about this encyclopedic knowledge, although not from direct experience, of the subject by the* alum*. Especially males, he says. All this happens between unawareness or negation from adults, who are dated teachers who confuse sex education with anatomy or that they are parents unable to think of their son or daughter as a potential porn user. He reported a specific case. The father of a pupil, angry, complained to the teachers the behavior of a partner, guilty of having sent to his son a link of a well -known pornographic site.

The son, of course, had not seen the video, he said, because on the phone he has an unavoidable system for blocking explicit content (of course, of course). Although irony leave aside, the event represents a bitter and real photograph. Teachers and parents, or those who should, together with others, do not say teaching but at least talking about sexuality, they don't do it, or if they do, it is a tenth of it, almost with a sense of embarrassment. In schools in particular, a programmatic and sensible sex education is still missing.


It is true, there are cases where - in high schools - experts are hosted to talk about the thing, but they are isolated cases. It is not the norm. Often the subject is entrusted to teachers who for training are not suitable for talking about it, and exchange sexuality with anatomy. Explain how the ejaculation of a man or as a woman is pregnant, limits a cold and detached scientific knowledge, the knowledge that from Many* will also be ignored. And not only that: limit those few real sex education approaches to high schools, as if there was some censorship before the thing before the sixteen, excludes all part of the public who in the meantime approaches sexual content without a filter or awareness, even if only basic.


The customs clearance in pornography, however sacrosanct, can have impacting effects if not accompanied by the idea that that it is not Sex. Pornography is not and must not be sexual education, we must not let generations of individuals form one's sexuality on models far away from reality. The risks, in fact, are many. First of all, the male-centric structure of most porn, who relegates the woman to merely for ejaculation in a violent and pounding act that ends when the male ended; And secondly, the sense of inadequacy that develops, usually in a boy, observing certain models. If the only true approach to sexuality was pornography, at the time of the act it may not be able to accept one's limits, its size, its safety. Etc.


As far as we underestimate the thing, sex is a sphere that constantly surrounds individuals. That as far as we persist in calling taboos, and treating it from such, such is not. Sex surrounds us, we are bombarded with images, videos, discussions: yet at home and at school we convince ourselves that basically it is good not to talk about it, or if ever mentioning the theme of escaping. No. It is necessary to talk about it because it is necessary to mediate between a world where sex is part of culture and people who will sooner or later compare with sex. And expert figures, psychologists if not sexologists must be occupied.


Not teachers of other subjects, more or less forced by a ministerial indication to insert a couple of hours a year of sex education in the programming. Because that is not sexual education, it is a way to clean consciousness, so that the state can reassure itself in the awareness that certain issues addresses them. It is not enough, we want more.


Enrico Ponzio

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