The dark side of the cycle, perhaps

If I had lived in ancient Egypt, your absorbent would have been papyrus sheets.

If I had lived in ancient Greece, your absorbents would have been animal skins and your blood considered a powerful toxic poison (Venom, Venom, Venom ... Don't you feel the song in the background?).

If I had lived in ancient Rome, your absorbent would have been clothing clothes to bind to the belt. Thanks to your touch, during the menstrual period, you would have been able to dry out the messenger of wheat, inceide the must, make the fruits fall from the trees, kill the bees and start the mirrors (you would have had superpowers in short).

If I had lived in the Middle Ages, your absorbent would have been a cloth or moss. You would even have been able to make the dogs anger and send the evil eye to your enemies (the second seems useful!) 

In the six-eight hundred you would have dressed in red at least once a month to hide stains (other than menstrual underpants, menstrual clothes!)

If I had been born in Napal (at least until 2005) you would have been exiled home every month and left to the cold since your cycle would have infuriated the gods.

If I had been a cook, for many cultures, your cycle would not have made the bread rise, the meat in your hands would be rotten and the mayonnaise would have gone mad (ah, this hysterical mayonnaise ...).

If I had been walking in the woods or sea, bears and sharks would have attacked you immediately (other than Steven Spielberg). 

If I had been in India, during your cycle you could not have accessed the temple because it is too impure for the gods.

If I had been born in Iran, for many your menstruation would actually have been a bad disease. 

If I had been born in Afghanistan or Japan during the menstrual period you couldn't wash, cook sushi or sleep with your family.

But you were born in Italy and the taboos on your menstruation do not yet guarantee you menstrual leave and other sacrosanct rights that would be up to you. For many you shouldn't do things like the bathroom by the sea, wash and dye your hair or shave.

But now that you know them you can free yourself from the false myths that have kept us for centuries closed in the cage of prejudices. It is time to embrace our authenticity and challenge all the wrong beliefs.

Emilia Bano

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