Sex with "baron"

If still around sex survives a halo of taboos, the blanket plugs up as you approach the sex-mestuations, still little often discussed and represented. 

But, we are pleased to announce that, according to recent surveys, a high percentage of women declares to live their intimacy even during the menstrual cycle. This is certainly a first result of what we like to call Menstral (R) Evolution That is finally removing, one step at a time, the idea of ​​"dirt" that has long been associated with menstruation. 

It is to be considered that sex in general (and with menstruation even more) involves a series of variables to consider, primarily our psychological state: do I have very strong cramps? Does one of the partners impress the sight of the blood? Do I feel quite attractive? These are all questions that we ask ourselves, whose answer leads us to consider what is best for us.

During the menstrual period, it has been shown that sex can be the bearer of numerous advantages: in the meantime, having reports during those days of the month can alleviate the cramps of the cycle thanks to the endorphins released during the orgasm. Furthermore, the lubricating effect of the flow that undoubtedly promotes penetration is not to be underestimated.

Have anyone ever noticed that during the first days of menstruation, Libido is at the stars? There is a precise reason behind this feeling: the levels of estrogen rises and this makes us feel happier. So why not take advantage of it?

However, it is true that the sight of the blood (not only the one that comes from the vagina!) Can be annoying for some, but we can still adopt small precautions to limit that we can get too much around us. Meanwhile, if we prefer the bed/sofa our suggestion is to spread towels below us; But we could still take the opportunity to make love in the tank or in the shower (attention to too hot water! Vasodilated and this would lead to more consistent losses). You could also try to apply a female condom that allows you to take not two, three pigeons with a bean: it reduces the flow, prevents pregnancies (because it is a commonplace that during menstruation you cannot remain pregnant!) And from diseases sexually transmitted (especially in the case of relationships with occasional partners). 

And then yes, there are more recommended positions that are those that hinder the law of gravity, at least as far as the flow is concerned: in fact, those in which we are lying down* on the back allow you to dirty less.

But in short, in sex everything is subjective and deserves to be an experience free from excessive preconceptions: you will be with the partners to choose which will be the best method that best suits you. 

We at This Let's think this: live love always, in all its forms!

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