The perfect body cage

Far from the carefree that we all attribute more or less unconsciously to summer, the arrival of this season involves much more than a perplexity. First of all, the one linked to the body: wearing a costume, a dress, or a Bermuda puts us in front of the main question of our society. Will I be quite adequate?

Recently, we asked you for your opinion with respect to this topic in a series of stories published on our Instagram page and your answers have confirmed us how subject we are subject to the influence of models from which we are constantly bombed and which reduce us to think To us Stessə as to inadequatult beings to the context they live.

If it is true that in recent years the media are trying to convey the idea that all we can be who we choose to be, it is also impossible not to notice a data in full contradiction with this assumption: the predominance of slender, young, possibly sexy figures , all attributes that they have to be kept over time, recalling the unattainable myth of eternal youth. This is the body that we are used to considering as a winner, limiting different possibilities of expression of self, categorized as implicitly wrong as they are different from the dominant model.
How widespread this idea is the numerous episodes of body shaming, denounced or not, that people suffer: from a recent survey carried out by Nutrimente Onlus, it seems that one woman out of two has experienced experiences of this form of bullying, for which You are judged for your physical form. The most targeted parts of the body would be legs, belly, buttocks and hips; This is regarding women. As for men, 65% of the boys interviewed reported having suffered humiliating criticisms in relation to their physical appearance.
Even if for a long time they have been underestimated, this kind of comments has a direct repercussion on self -esteem, fueling that sense of inadequacy that unfortunately all we have experienced in some episode of life.
Spintə from the thought that the body is our business card, even before the clothing, of the hairstyle, of the level of education that we have reached, we are enveloped by a sea of ​​thoughts and perhaps, sometimes, insecurities. Inevitably we strive to belong In our historical era, reconstructing our appearance following the canons of dominant ideology, even when this is toxic and exploit, as in our times, the bodies, and for Antonomasia female. This stretch marker? The breast too big? And the swollen legs? Questions that become increasingly pressing when the arrival of the summer would invite us to discover our figure. But in the face of the status symbol of our times, that of the perfect body, we can only fall one after the other: it is shortly worth the overlap of diets or intense training sessions. This is also to exploit whether Stessə and your appearance if you do not move from a healthier principle: for example, training or treat your own diet to love yourself and not to be more conforming to the image that the company has decided that we must cover .

Only in this way, waiting for stereotypes of this type to be waiting for our latitudes, we will be able to make our contribution: by accepting a pound too much, a late wax, a wrinkle. There is nothing more beautiful than a person you love for what it is, even in summer.


Alice Carbonara

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