Sharing responsibilities, in the end it is precisely this that it is.


For what reason, however, is it commonly taken for granted that the woman had to worry about contraception? The prophylactic dampens the sensitivity, the interrupted coitus is unclear and harmful of pleasure, do you want to put how much more comfortable if she takes the pill?

Starting from the 1960s, the women fought, clashing with the prejudices of society and attacks by every religious faith, to obtain the right to assume contraceptives, taking charge of all their side effects, in order to be able to live sexuality not Only more as a mainly procreative but also playful act, subtracting from unwanted pregnancies without having to resort to abortion.


Male contraception is very little talked about, yet Ippocarte had already studied a method to make men temporarily sterile. In fact, the Greek doctor had observed that, by immersing the testicles in very hot water, the reproductive efficacy of the man was reduced.
Modern research on male contraceptives began in the same period as the female ones, in the 1930s of the last century, but the progress made were clearly lower.
In 1997 it was thought to have finally reached a solution thanks to a pill based on progesterone to be associated with testosterone injections, a project that was however abandoned in the last stages of the tests for lack of funds (and perhaps of interest). Another big study based on hormonal inhibition had started to provide hopes a few years ago, demonstrating an effectiveness comparable to that of the contraceptive pills on the market. Unfortunately, however, the number of side effects to find you during the experimental trial was very high, leading to the suspension of the study.
Today the research is also opening up to non -hormonal contraceptive methods: a gelatinous substance is currently being tested that is injected into the ducts called the male genital system, preventing spermatozoa from adding to the seminal fluid produced by the prostate and seminal vesicles . In France, an experimental method similar to that proposed by Hippocrates was adopted by numerous collectives of men: through theUse of specially designed intimate clothing, the temperature of the testicles is slightly increased and after three months of use for fifteen hours a day, the production of spermatozoa decreases without preventing nAnd The erection nAnd Lejaculation.


An investigation by the Italian Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics in 2016 showed that 62% of the men interviewed claim that contraception is the task of the woman. Fortunately, however, not everyone thinks so: many men, especially after having been part of a group of experimentation of male contraception, are said to be available if not even eager to alleviate their partner from the mental load of a possible unwanted pregnancy and the side effects of the contraceptive pill, taking on its part of responsibility. We hope that thanks to the example, participation and sharing of these experiences, the prejudice that places male contraception in antithesis to virility, still firmly rooted within our society, can finally be eliminated.


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