Sex Toys as allies in the rehabilitation path of the pelvic floor

The rehabilitation of the pelvic floor has become increasingly relevant in recent years, because it has finally been brought to the center of discussions, both medical and political-social, concerning the therapeutic path of those invisible uroginecological diseases, in which the pelvic floor is almost always one of the main protagonists.


The rehabilitation of the pelvic floor, in fact, is the set of Conservative techniques who have the purpose of face all the problems deriving from the dysfunctions of the pelvic floor.

The latter concern the 40% from the female population and they can be due to hypotonia, that is, the excessive weakness of the muscles of the pelvic floor, or to hypertonia, the excessive tension and inability to relax these muscles.


Hypotonic pelvic floor muscles can give problems such as urinary incontinence or prolapse of the pelvic organs, while the muscles of the hypertonic pelvic floor can give problems, such as dispareunia (pain in penetration), vulvodinia, vaginism, persistent pelvic pain, urinary retention and difficulty in evacuating.


Lately, the use of sexual devices, more commonly called Sex Toys, emerged as a Innovative and effective approach in the rehabilitation of the pelvic floor.

This practice, known as assisted sexual therapy, has shown that he is advantageous for people who want strengthen their pelvic muscles, improve there own sexual sensitivity And face dysfunction problems of the pelvic floor due to different pathologies.

It is interesting to note that also scientific magazines of great importance they are facing the question. In 2019, Rubin et al. Published a review on the topic on "Obtetrics and Gynecology," official organ of American College, and in 2021 Dewtette et al. Presented an even wider review on "Nature Reviews Urology".


This means that Gynecologists and urologists, professionals who often come into contact first with the difficulties of their patients, I am invited to update themselves on this topic and to consider any Use of sex toys as support for clinical practice.


In addition to the discussions that are born in the health sector, different Sex Bloggers on Instagram they dealt with this theme, some of which by writing some books about it, among which "Sex Toys" by Le Sex En Rose And "Without Taboo" by Dr. and Obstetric Violeta Benini.

In addition, the topic was treated in various television series, among which the most recent stand out Grace and Frankie and the unforgettable Sex and the City.


In this article, therefore, we will discover together because it is important to include these sexual devices in their strengthening and rehabilitation exercises of the pelvic floor.


The pelvic floor it's a complex network of muscles, nerves, ligaments and fabrics They wrap the lower area of ​​the abdominal cavity and contain the pelvic organs, that is, the uterus, the urethra, the bladder, the vagina and the rectum.

These muscles support the pelvic organs, providing control of urinary and intestinal functions.

In addition, the pelvic floor plays a crucial role in sexual function, since it is involved in orgasm and in the control of erection.


The pelvic floor can weaken themselves due to various factors, among which pregnancy and childbirth, aging, obesity, pelvic surgery, chemo-raiorapy and even because of the chronic stress and of sedentary lifestyle.

This weakening it can lead to several problems As urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, difficulties in orgasm and loss of sexual sensitivity.

Just for situations like this comes assisted sexual therapy recommended.


Assisted sexual therapy is a approach that uses sex toys, such as vaginal weights or vaginal cones, in the case of hypotonia of the pelvic floor, to help people to strengthen the pelvic muscles it's at improve voluntary control over them and the tone of these, the awareness and the vaginal sensations, improving pleasure and promoting orgasm.

These devices are designed to be introduced in the vaginal or anal channel e require The Active involvement of the pelvic muscles to keep them in their place.

This targeted contraction and relaxation action is similar to Kegel exercises, known for their role in the rehabilitation of the pelvic floor and, although the latter are effective, some people can find it difficult to identify the right muscles to be contracting or may lose interest due to the boredom they involve.

That's why innovating their rehabilitation exercises By inserting the sex toys in their routine!


  1. Sensory feedback: some sex toys are equipped with sensors or feedback devices that provide real -time information on the contraction of the pelvic muscles.

This can help people improve awareness of their pelvic muscles and learn to control them better.

The feeling of pleasure can then motivate, to engage more constantly in one's exercises.

  1. Greater emotional involvement: emotional involvement during the use of sex toys can improve adherence to the rehabilitation program.

People are more likely to continue training if they associate it with positive experiences.

  1. Reduction of stress and anxiety: self-exploration and the use of sex toys can reduce stress and anxiety, which can, in turn, adversely affect pelvic health. Less stress can contribute to the success of the rehabilitation treatment.
  2. Improvement of sexual function: regular use of sex toys in the rehabilitation path of the pelvic floor can lead to an improvement in sexual function.

This can be particularly beneficial for people who have experienced sexual problems related to the weakness of the pelvic floor.

The use of sex toys can improve sex life, which in turn can contribute to general well -being.

Greater sexual pleasure can be an incentive to continue the rehabilitation path.

  1. Increase in blood circulation: The use of sex toys can increase blood circulation in the pelvic area, which can encourage the recovery and healing of damaged or weakened muscles. Other devices have one self -rehabilitation function, allowing you to also exploit the candies Miorilassant of the heat.
  2. Improvement of the quality of life: By reducing or eliminating urinary incontinence, many people see a significant improvement in their own quality of life.
  3. Prevention of future problems: regular use of sex toys in the rehabilitation path of the pelvic floor can help prevent future problems related to the pelvic floor.
  4. Variety of options: on the market there are numerous sex toys designed specifically for the rehabilitation of the pelvic floor.

These devices offer various vibration intensities and can be customized for individual needs.


THE vibratorsIn fact, they can help increase sexual reactivity general, useful in case of little sexual desire, anorgasmia and genital pain.

THE vaginal dilators and dildos they are often employed in women who face sexual dysfunctions during menopause and the post-Menopausal period. These devices, available in series of growing diameters, help to stretch and relax the vaginal muscles.

This process facilitates one Best connection between mind and body, reducing anxiety and pain.

In case of conditions such as endometriosis or other pelvic pathologies that can cause ache during penetration Some people find the use of devices such as Silicone penis rings. These devices can help limit the portion of the penis that penetrates the vagina, avoiding contact with the part of the vagina that causes pain, facilitating so one Pleasant and painless penetration.


For all these reasons, the advantage not to be underestimated in use of sex toys is that of make the woman more autonomous in therapy, less dependent on the therapist's manipulations e co-responsible for one's well-being.


It is important, however, to underline that The use of sex toys as part of the rehabilitation pelvic floor it should be supervised by a qualified and specialized healthcare professional in this type of rehabilitation.

In addition, it is essential to respect all the guidelines and recommendations provided by the professional to avoid injuries or complications.

The professional will show How to use the Sex Toy correctly and will guide through a series of targeted exercises To strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, starting with sex toys of adequate size and low intensity and then gradually increase the intensity and complexity of the treatment.

The key, however, to obtain positive results it is constancy. It is important to follow the recommended training program e practice the exercises regularly, without forgetting to do it.


This will ensure that the therapy is suitable for the patient's individual needs and that comes carried out safely.


Also, it is essential Use specially designed sex toys for the rehabilitation of the pelvic floor and with sensory feedback functionality. These devices must be made with safe materials for the body And easy to clean.

Hygiene, Indeed, is critical: We must make sure to maintain a rigorous cleaning during the use of sex toys, checking them carefully before and after each use.


The application of sex toys As a tool for rehabilitating the pelvic floor it really is an exciting innovation in the world of sexual health and well -being.

These devices not only offer one fun solution, but also engaging To strengthen those pelvic muscles, which it can make the difference in the life of those who face problems related to this area.


However, remember that it is essential to do all this under the guidance of a health professional. With the right approach, the sex toys can really become powerful allies in the rehabilitation of the pelvic floor and in the improvement of sexual well -being. So, don't be afraid to explore this New frontier of health and pleasure!


Lorenzo Ciol

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