Absorbents in the bathrooms: how to make your workplace more inclusive and sustainable

Gender equality and sustainability are today warm and crucial themes in the corporate environment. Companies are always more careful not only to what they sell but also to how they operate, to the culture they promote and the impact they have on the environment and on society. That's why the introduction of a service such as the dispenser of organic absorbents in the corporate bathrooms, free for employees, represents a revolutionary solution.

But why is it so important? Let's find out together.
1. gender equality and wellness at work
Absorbents are a primary good. By arranging absorbent in the corporate bathrooms, companies not only show a profound understanding of the needs of employees, but carry on a powerful message: the normalization of a female need. Like toilet paper, which is always present and guaranteed, absorbent should enjoy the same status.
2. Productivity and happiness at work
The experience of employees is transformed when they don't have to worry about having an absorbent with them or looking for one in case of emergency. This eliminates stress and interruptions, allowing them to focus better on their work, resulting in greater productivity and happiness in the workplace.
3. Certification of gender equality
By adopting the organic absorbent dispenser service, companies can report the initiative within the gender equality certification. This not only improves the company's reputation, but can also offer tangible advantages as tax breaks and better positioning in the market.
4. Environmental sustainability
It is not just about absorbent, but of absorbent organic and compostable. This means that, in addition to supporting the needs of women, companies are also actively contributing to the protection of the environment. Integrating this service into the sustainability budget is another step towards a more green world.
5. A revolutionary action for a better future
Imagine a future generation in which all women do not have to worry about the absorbents. Where every corporate and public bathroom considers absorbent as a primary asset. This is the vision we are promoting.
In conclusion, inserting dispenser with compostable absorbents in the corporate bathrooms is not only a symbolic gesture, but a strategic decision that brings real benefits to both employees and the company itself. It is an investment in equality, well -being and future of our planet.

If your company is ready to make a difference, adopting an organic absorbent dispenser service is the right step in the right direction.

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