#Pinkygate, epilogue of a scandal

If you have the cycle please don't touch my flowers, you won't want to make them dry!? If you can avoid taking a shower and for heaven's sake, my lady, the tint also not during those days ...
Perfect, so what do I do, would I ask myself? I put myself sitting and aspects lonely that in four or five days my menstruation have finished?
All we know the extravagant legends circulating around cycle-dotatə And, given the frequency of the occurrences and the vast sample of myths, the doubt arises: does anyone still believe it? Maybe yes! More than once it happened to me to sketch a smile, convinced of the joke, which, however, left the interlocutorə sbigettitə, and perhaps even annoying my appreciation to the peonies vase as owned.
We know, without going into the merits of intricate anthropological issues, that all these beliefs can be traced back to an ancestral terror linked to menstrual blood that has its roots in the past. For a long time, several cultures have considered menstruation as an impulity from the power to contaminate anything or person came into contact with it.


The power of this primordial echo, which I believed at least asserted in our latitudes, came to the surface about a month ago, linked to a news that has gone around the world. In Germany a project that has of the bizarre had been launched: it is Pinky Gloves, an idea born from two German entrepreneurs who thought they had the idea of ​​the century. The production of disposable gloves (obviously pink!) To remove used absorbents and swabs.
An idea that, rather than solving them, the problems has created them: in the meantime we inform the audience that changing an absorbent or a buffer that is not a splatter scene from horror films and that, tendentially, even if a drop should dirty a finger, the blood is not muriatic acid, so all calm.

We leave out the fact that the gloves, then, were also disposable, going to impact on the environment and we also leave out the color that had been designed for them: pink.

Pinky Gloves had all of them and in fact he had such a resonance on social networks that a real scandal descended, accompanied by the Hashtag #pinkygate. The controversy, which accused the creators of the project of sexism, determined the tightness of the project and the contextual excuses of the two entrepreneurs.
This time, at least, at princesses in pink The gloves have fallen and they are ready to get their hands dirty again.


Alice Carbonara

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