The conquest of habits: because they are so important and 5 tips to make them effective


Tuttə We have the desire to take care of us Stessə: healthy nutrition, start a new sporting activity, do yoga, meditation, read and sleep more.
We write many good intentions to be introduced in our days in search of psychophysical well -being and then after a short time we find ourselves in the routine, stuck by a thousand commitments and we cannot carry on everything we had thought and that we had planned.
The truth is that in everyday life we ​​are cultured by several unexpected events and the time seems to escape hands, so we end up abandoning or putting the new actions that we wanted to introduce in our life.
It happened to you too, right?
I know, we pass all over but not panic we are still in time to remedy and find constancy and well -being without too many upheavals.

Changing is not impossible, on the contrary, but each of us can find their own way to take care of himself without too many problems making small steps at a time. In this, the famous "habits" that can make the difference and simplify everyday life are helpful.


But what really are habits and why are they so important?

James Clear in the book "Small habits for great changes"Defines the habit as a routine or a behavior that is performed in a way regular and in many cases automatic.
In addition, according to Wendy Wood, famous researcher from the University of Southern California, it seems that almost 50% of our day is made up of these automated actions that our brain puts in place to save time and energy.
That's why many scholars say that today we are the result of the habits that we have adopted in the last 5 years so if so far we have chosen to lead a sedentary life and always eat at fast food, this has an impact on our life.
The good news is that the habits we choose Today They determine the person we will be in 5 years so it is worth choosing them well, right?
In reality we often start acting in the best way, the problem is that we cannot keep these actions constant over time taken by everyday commitments.


Is it therefore possible to transform actions into good constant habits over time?
Have you ever wanted to start a new business but then, after a few days, don't even try to complete it anymore?
It happened to me with reading, at the beginning I just couldn't detach myself from the cell phone before I fall asleep so I finished to distract myself on social media for so long that I fell asleep before I even read a few page of the book that I wanted so much to start.
Making an action a daily habit is not easy, but not even impossible.
In fact, it is possible to make actions that have a positive impact in our life, habits, thus contributing to making us feel good every day.
Let's see together 5 tips that can help us to introduce good habits into our life, constant over time:


1. Do not only be based on motivation
The motivation is that strong desire that leads us to be enthusiastic as soon as we start a new path, a new project and that makes us shine our eyes at the beginning. but what is the problem?
The problem is that the motivation is impromptu, today there is and tomorrow who knows.
How many times have we entered the gym all enthusiastic in the gym, we trained every day and then no longer go after two months?
This is completely normal, at the beginning it is easy to carry on the new activity but then because of problems, unexpected events and decreases of motivation, we immediately lose the initial enthusiasm.
So can we entrust our objectives of change and well -being on something as fragile as motivation?
I would say not so, so let's not only base on motivation because this will never be constant and always present, just by definition.


2. Starting in small
When we want to introduce a new habit we usually start with great goals: read a book a week, meditate for half an hour a day every day, eat healthy seven days a week included.
The truth is that when we make such radical changes, we cannot carry them on because it is too The initial effort we ask us Stessə.
We often convince ourselves that great results require great actions: we undergo a great stress and strong pressure to obtain an extreme change that will be visible to everyone and in a very short time.
In reality, what seems to be most effective is a small change at a time which, in the long run, will lead us to many more results.
For example, do we want to start meditating? We start with 5 minutes every day and if we see that it is too much, let's try to alternate the days and see how we feel.
Once the habit of 5 minutes a day has been established, we can try to increase it slightly, little by little and see how it goes, or keep it like this if we perceive the benefits.
In short, the one that is most effective for us are small changes repeated over time, without effort too much.


3.Rending the simple habit
Another little advice is to make the habit simple, that is, to help us with the environment around we have.
The habit is not only something that we choose but also the stimulus that helps us to perform it or the context, for this reason if we prepare the environment that surrounds us well will be easier to carry on the actions we have chosen to introduce.
For example, if we want to train early in the morning before going to work, it is useful to prepare clothes, bottle and everything you need, in this way when we wake up and we will be tempted to skip training, we will not meet any obstacles between us and the habit that we have chosen to establish in our life.
Or if we prepare our yoga mat in the living room, ready to be used when we return tired in the evening, this will remind us of the commitment we had made with ourselves: dedicate time to the practice that gives us well -being after a long day of work.
This small trick will help us remove a large part of the obstacles that otherwise would see us catapulted on the sofa.

4. Identify key habits
Some habits are defined "Key habits"Because they help to improve others.
But what exactly does it mean?
It has been shown that habits such as physical activity, meditation and getting up early in the morning unleash a beneficial effect On all the habits we have chosen to adopt because during the day we are more present, more aware and we choose what it is  Better for ourselves by reducing the automations and any obstacles we meet.
For this reason, it is useful, especially at the beginning, try to introduce some of these habits little by little, to be able to benefit from them in other fields such as reading, aesthetic care and all those actions we have chosen to carry on.


5. Choose habits that are sustainable for us
One last advice requires the ability to listen to us stessə is not to demand too much.
We cannot think of introducing many different habits on our day: to wake up at 5, fill the day with a thousand things to do and go to sleep late, simply because these rhythms will not be sustainable over time.
So it is better to try to understand What is important for us, what makes us feel good and try to carry it on every day.
We have seen together how important the habits are in our life and how correctly chosen, they can help us simplify our days.
The organization we have thanks to good and healthy habits simplifies us and optimizes time.
In fact, each habit needs patience and of constancy, we cannot pretend that our days change if before we do not commit ourselves to making them better and inserting what makes us feel really good.
Even more when we start a new sport, we insert yoga or meditation practices that perhaps bring us out of our comfort zone, it is important to be patient without judging ourselves or demand too much from ourselves, only so will we really be able to benefit from it and understand how much It makes us feel good to dedicate those minutes of complete well -being and listening to us.
Finally, remember that “Practice Makes it permanent"That is, what matters is not perfection but the constant practice that makes the habit of a lasting action over time!


Martina Rando

Yome co-founder 

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