Menstrual cycle and yoga: the advice you don't expect


Practicing yoga is good for health, now we know. We read it on social networks, the Nostr* Amic* tell us, we tried it in person. Who knows why, however, for x reasons when the Menses suddenly practice yoga, play sports, Whatever becomes much more difficult. 
Nobody knows better than us stess* what is best for themselves during menstruation, no* of us feel very tired* or have very painful menstruation that do not allow to do physical activity; many other times, however, we feel blocked* from the sense of embarrassment, from the fear of staining us, or because they told us that "When you have the cycle" you are resting or not doing "this or that"

The menstrual cycle has a duration that varies from 25 to 35 days: it begins with the first day of menstruation and ends the day before the next menstruation. The menstrual cycle is then characterized by four phases: menstruation, follicular phase, ovulation and luteal phase. In each of these phases, our body, engaged in different activities, of which different hormones are protagonists, reacts differently. 

Contrary to what we are often brought* to believe, the menstrual phase is not the one in which we need more rest or in which we are necessarily a fiacch* and tired*, indeed very often it is true the opposite (always keeping in mind that we are Tutt* divers*). This to say that When we choose when and how to move, let's do it starting from listening to us stess* And how we really feel. 
If we are part of the group "I have menstruation and I don't feel them" (beat* you !! but spoiler alert it should be like this for everyone), this period dedicated to energizing and dynamic practices, but not excessive, It is ideal. To give you an example, a 30-60 minutes class of Vinyasa Yoga or Hatha Flow are perfect options. 


If instead we are part of the group "I annoy, even towards the world" (I understand you), yoga can help you feel better. Here is one small sequence that can help you manage the pains, To be performed calmly, in a gentle and delicate way, always listening to if you are*:

  • Side lengthening: From Sedut* brings a hand to the ground in line with the buttock and stretches the opposite arm upwards. Inhale deeply and lengthened towards the side of the hand resting on the ground. Repeat from the second side.
  • Position of the small cobra: From a prone position, with his feet distances to the width of the hips, he brings his hands under his shoulders and lifts head and chest from the floor. Keep the open breast and the low shoulders, focusing on the delicate lengthening of the front of the body, in particular of the abdomen. 
  • Chamber of them modified camel: Bring on the knees, with the sides in line with the knees and hands on the sides. Lightly roots the coccyx and brings the sternum upwards, opening the chest well and lengthening the front of the body in a gentle and delicate way.
  • Position of the leaf: Bring the hallucinations together, the buttocks on the heels and knees spread. He rests his forehead and stretches his arms in front of you. If you are more comfortable* brings a pillow under abdomen and front. Close your eyes and breathe deeply, trying to let go of any tension. 
If you too, like so much* of us, You don't feel comfortable During menstruation to play sports because you are afraid of stains, noises, smells, Remember that everything is normal!
It happened to be at least once to stain, and maybe in other situations, and I'm sure that nothing so serious happened, right?

The noises, the air from the vagina, have a name. Is called queefing, can take place during relationships, but yes, it can also happen to sports or by doing yoga, especially by doing asanas in which the legs are raised. It is quite common, it is just trapped air that comes out, nothing to worry about. Let's think a bit like when we sweat abdominals and the back makes noise in contact with the mat, nothing more!

Once again my advice always remains to listen to us stess* and decide on the basis of what we feel we are doing and what makes us feel good, indeed better!


Martina Rando
Co-Founder Yome and Yoga teacher


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