Irritation and intimate itching: what they are and how to prevent them

Intimate irritations are a problem common to all ages: who has never happened to experience that annoying feeling of itching? Even if the topic seems delicate to us, it is very important not to let the embarrassment block us from talking about it.
In this article you can find the main causes of this problem, and some tips to prevent it.

1.1 The causes of intimate irritations:

  • Fungal infections: also known as candidosis or mycosis Vaginal, fungal infections are one of the most common causes of intimate itching in women. These infections are due to the excessive growth of a mushroom that is naturally found in vaginal flora, Candida Albicans.
    The symptoms of fungal infections include intense itching in the vaginal and vulvar area, pain during sexual intercourse, whitish and often vaginal unloading. 
  • Bacterial infections:  The main infections are the bacterial vaginosis and the bacterial vaginitis, caused by the excessive proliferation of bacteria in the vaginal canal. The symptoms of bacterial infections are very similar to those of fungal infections, for this, to cure them, it is very important consult a doctor.
  • Hormonal changes: The hormonal changes that occur during puberty, menstrual cycle, pregnancy and menopause, can alter the levels of vaginal secretions and make the area intimate more sensitive to irritation
  • Too tight or synthetic underwear: Wearing synthetic or too narrow underwear can cause a excess of sweating And to create an environment in favor of bacterial and fungal infections, and create an annoying friction against the genital area.
  • Chemical irritants: Some products for intimate hygiene, such as antibacterial soaps or vaginal deodorants may contain aggressive chemicals that they alter the pH of the intimate area and cause irritation and itching
  • Irritations due to absorbent and swabs:  intimate itching during menstruation can be caused by many factors, including synthetic materials like the polyester and the Rayon, fragrances who mask the smell but irritate the vulva area, Allergic reactions to the materials whose absorbent and swabs are composed, and finally too prolonged duration of use.

  • 1.2 How to prevent intimate irritations:

    • Maintain good intimate hygiene: wash with warm water and neutral soap, avoid using perfumed intimate detergents, and dry well after the shower
    • Wear underwear in breathable materials like cotton, which helps prevent sweating and growth of bacteria
    • Protect the immune system: maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, exercising and sleeping regularly can help strengthen the immune defenses and prevent infections
    • Use cotton absorbent and swabs: Especially during the period of menstruation, it is better to prefer cotton absorbent, hypoallergenic and non -fragrant, to avoid infections and annoying crazy.
      This unique (Link) is a hypoallergenic absorbent 100% composed of organic cotton, which does not contain deodorants, nor absorbent powders that pollute the environment and irritate the skin. 

    In summary, intimate irritations are a very common problem that can derive from many factors and can be annoying for many women. However, there are solutions that can help face this problem. In case of persistent or serious intimate irritations, it is very important to consult a doctor to exclude any infections.

    Intimate itching: because the right absorbents can improve your life.

    Intimate itching is a very common problem, a taboo that women often face it alone.

    One of the moments in which this problem manifests itself more frequently is during menstruation: in this phase, in fact, it is not uncommon to have to compare with itching that make the experience very unpleasant.

    In this article we will explain why using the right menstrual products can solve (almost all) your intimate discomfort:

    Why do I feel intimate crazy during menstruation?

    During the menstrual cycle, the body undergoes numerous hormonal changes that can cause vaginal dryness and skin irritation around the genital area, causing itching.
    The greatest cause of intimate prurrents, however, is the use of standard absorbent and tampons:

    What is the difference between standard absorbent and organic cotton absorbent?

    THE standard menstrual products that we are used to buying the supermarket are often made with synthetic materials, like polymers and plastic, to ensure greater absorbency. However, these synthetic materials can contain irritating chemicals that can cause irritation and allergies to the skin.

    The organic cotton absorbents, on the other hand, are made of cotton grown without the use of pesticides or chemical or synthetic products.
    In addition, the processing of organic cotton is completely natural, and does not provide bleach with chlorine, avoiding exposure to harmful substances and making it hypoallergenic.

    The sweating caused by plastic, then, creates a humid environment that promotes the proliferation of bacterial and fungal infections. For this reason it is advisable to prefer absorbent compounds composed of natural and breathable materials.

    But the plastic, unfortunately, is not the only irritating substance found in the classic supermarket absorbent: often, in fact, to improve absorbency and camouflage the smell of menstrual blood, absorbent deodorants and powders called SAP (Super are used and powders Absorbent Powders), which increase the risk of irritation and allergic reactions. 

    To keep yourself safe from the crazy and irritation, we recommend this unique, the absorbent in 100% soft organic cotton, without absorbent powders or plastic, respecting the planet and your intimacy.

    ATTENTION: Using cotton absorbents does not completely eliminate the risk of irritation and infections: you must avoid wearing the same absorbent for too long and trying to change it regularly, to keep the area intimate safely from humidity and bacteria.

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