Hemproutine talks about CBD: hidden benefits and menstruation ally

Hemproutine comes to life in August 2021 as the Italian branch of the German brand Hanfgeflüster (which literally means "hemp whisper") born only two years earlier, in November 2019. Our company operates in Germany, France, Italy, and has just landed in Poland . Hemproutine was born from the incredible benefits of hemp, which places its focus on the CBD (cannabidiol) an active ingredient contained in the plant which, unlike the famous THC, has no psychotropic effect.

Our main products are oils, based on CBD and different concentrations, completely natural and vegan, which can be easily integrated into their daily lives. But not only that: in addition to the oils, which are the product that characterizes us most, it is possible to find the CBD in other forms: for example, we have introduced vegetable proteins, suitable especially for those who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, made exclusively by seeds of Hemp, and just last month we launched a completely innovative product: a CBD lubricating gel!

Last But Not Least, wanting to give importance to the simplicity with which the raw material we use is given to us by nature, we set sustainability as the bearing principle with which we produce and propose our offer to consumers. This approach accompanies us on a productive level, packaging and CO2 emissions.


In this period, the CBD products are very popular: what are its properties really?

It is true, in recent years we hear a lot about CBD, and this can make it think of a recent trend. In reality, the hemp plant has an ancient history and strongly rooted (especially in our Italian territories). The culture of hemp has its roots thousand years ago, used for various uses; from the production of fabrics and materials, to medical and spiritual purposes.

After almost a century of prohibition, CBD products are on the market legally in Italy only since 2017: It is therefore completely normal that the public must approach and familiarize yourself with this topic gradually. In fact, they all know that we are much more connected to this molecule than we can expect: one of the biological systems within our body , together with the endocrine, nervous or immune for example, it is precisely endocannabinoid one, composed of molecules and receptors that transmit information and enzymes. The CBD, interacting with this system, acts as a "regulator" and has a relaxing, anti -inflammatory, pain -relieving, antidepressant, analgesic, neuroprotector effect.

Put simply, the effect of the CBD translates into infinite benefits, thanks to its interaction with the biological systems of our body. For this reason, in addition to helping anxious and depressive states, it can also alleviate more or less strong pains, of different types, such as menstrual, muscle and migraine.

Did you clash over your path against some taboos? Is there any disinformation compared to this kind of products?

Unfortunately, the very use of cannabis (regardless of the purpose for which it is used) is considered a taboo, surrounded by stigma and prejudices: from the first decade of the 900 until today, this plant has in fact been associated with the concept of transgression And looking for a high. This led to the creation of a wrong and extremely reductive overall image of cannabis. It is very important to continue to reiterate the difference between the active ingredients of the CBD and THC, and their different functions and effects within the human body. Our products therefore need some extra explanation, which however are well welcomed by a careful, curious, enterprising and inclined clientele to inquire.

Why can CBD products be a help for people who have a menstrual cycle? What are the properties of the products that act directly on an improvement in menstrual and pre-mesering pain?

First of all, the CBD influences the endocrine system, that is, it takes effect on the production of hormones. In fact, thanks to its hormone-regulatory properties, the CBD helps our body to produce hormones of which it is in the absence at the same time stopping the production of excess hormones.

Secondly, Recent studies, have shown that the CBD, like the most common fans (non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs), is able to inhibit the enzyme responsible for the production of prostaglandina, and consequently reducing the symptoms aggravated by it such as: inflammation, contraction and pain. Despite this, the CBD does not completely eliminate the production of prostaglandina.

The CBD, together with other cannabinoids, is able to alleviate menstrual cramps thanks to the anti -inflammatory, pain -relieving, myorilassant properties, and being a vasodilator. It can therefore offer a valid natural alternative to traditional anti -inflammatory that those with the menstrual cycle are used to use.


If you have to give advice to our community, compared to well -being in cycle care, what would it be?

Listen, invest time and energy in truly understanding your body throughout the menstrual cycle. Work of introspection, try to realize when and how your body changes, that signals send you and how it communicates with you the needs it has.

For us at Hemproutine it is essential to have self -knowledge, above all because the effects of the CBD are not the same for each person, just as the dosage necessary to reach them is not. Being able to analyze and understand when and how the CBD gives us maximum help is essential to make it the best use, as well as to understand how to be the Our new best friend throughout the menstrual cycle and not only during the premenstrual and menstrual phase.


The Hemproutine team

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