5 tips on how to prevent irritation from absorbent in summer

How do you manifest an internal or external absorbent irritation?

It is a problem that unites many women during the menstrual cycle, making the days of menstruation somewhat delicate: let's talk about the Absorbent irritations, a much more common disorder than you think, which mainly involves those who have particularly sensitive skin, but not only. Absorbent irritations can manifest themselves throughout the year, but intensify mainly in the summer period, as the increase in temperatures and the humidity that is created inside the briefs in those days, causes greater bacterial proliferation.

The genital area is extremely delicate and it is not uncommon for it to be involved in irritation or allergies, especially during the days of the cycle, in which the body suffers transformations that make it more fragile and reactive to potential disorders.


Let's see in the next paragraph what are i symptoms more common than vaginal irritations due to the use of absorbent.


Absorbent irritation: how to recognize symptoms?

External absorbent irritations can cause different types of symptoms, more or less serious and more or less lasting, among which there are:

• redness and burning of the skin;

• skin eruptions on the external part of the genitals, such as: pimples, white or red dots and vesicles;

• Excessive dryness and squaminess of the skin.


They can also include pain in the genital, inflammation and, in case of irritation from internal absorbent, persistent itching and vaginal infections. The symptoms of intimate absorbent irritation are however very similar to those of other pathologies of the genital system: in order not to underestimate the problem and make incorrect diagnosis, the advice is always to contact your doctor or gynecologist, for make greater clarity on the reasons for irritation.


Absorbent irritations: what are the main causes?

These irritations can be associated with a particular brand of absorbent if the symptoms appear in conjunction with the arrival of the menstrual cycle and therefore the relative use of a certain type of absorbent. The cause could therefore be that the crazy and irritation are due to some component of the absorbent itself, to which one is particularly intolerant, especially if inside them there are plastic and chemicals.

Here are the main causes that favor irritation as an absorbent:

  • Use of absorbents that contain perfumes, chemicals and microplastics: these substances, preventing the breathability of the absorbent, can favor intimate irritation;
  • Use of too aggressive products for intimate hygiene: this can alter the balance of vaginal bacterial flora making it more vulnerable and therefore more predisposed to the development of irritation;
  • Use of tights and underwear in synthetic materials, which block the breathing of the skin, promoting the proliferation of bacteria in the intimate parts;
  • Use of some types of colorful or fragrant toilet paper, irritating for the most sensitive skin.

In addition, during the menstrual cycle, the immune system is more attacked by external agents. The vaginal pH also in the days of menstruation is less acidic than usual (physiologically it is acidic and suitable for the proliferation of "good bacteria"): menstrual blood, however, has a different, more basic pH and this involves a sudden alteration of the vaginal environment, which exposes to small imbalances of the bacterial flora. In addition, the opening of the cervix, which occurs to let the menstrual blood out of the body flow, can favor the ascent of bacteria inside the vagina.

How to prevent irritation from absorbent in summer? Here are our 5 tips:

 Here are our 5 tips on how to prevent absorbent irritations in summer:

  • It uses organic cotton absorbents, which do not contain chemicals, fragrances and that are breathable: the Tsis absorbents, Unique have all these characteristics: you find all detailed descriptions in this link https://thisunique.com/pages/faq ;
  • It uses intimate detergents designed especially for the days of the cycle, neutral and by the pH respectful of the vaginal one: avoid too frequent washes and remember to dry by placing the intimate parts, without rubbing with the towel;
  • Avoid the use of underwear and too tight clothes: an already irritated area would particularly suffer the situation of occlusion generated by adhering jeans and linen in synthetic materials. Prefer the use of soft and cotton clothes;
  • In summer, avoid staying too long with wet costume: always use your staff towel on the beach and avoid getting in touch with the sand that can be a vehicle for infections;
  •  In case of strong irritation, always consult your* gynecolog* so that it can give you the best care to make your irritation go as soon as possible.


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