Does the right to abortion really exist in Italy?

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It is emblematic hernia in reminding everyone how the right of women to access to the interruption of pregnancy (IVG), that is, to abort in a safe and legal way, is still continuously attached to the public debate and how women are made to weigh this choice, As if it were a fault.
A fault that, however, does not exist.
In fact, men, in fact, think they can make decisions for women, regarding their rights, their lives and their choices.

That even the health of a woman is their decision.


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Unfortunately, it is not only these who do this type of pressure, although Ernia underlines in an exemplary way how the male figure behaves: in an authoritarian, selfish, patriarchal way.
However, the women who comment, condemn and insult other women for the application of what is their right are as many and, consequently, their choice.

A right that is to be defended more than ever.

Even if for Eugenia Roccella, the minister for the family, the birth rate and for equal opportunities abortion is not a right.
Indeed, it is the "dark side of the maternal", According to him.
A worrying statement by an Italian government minister, although, without too many surprises, it is what was expected of this new government.
A government devoted to the denial of rights and inclusiveness, to the denial of correct scientific information - how to forget about the statements of the Undersecretary to the Ministry of Health Gemmato towards vaccines - and a distorted vision of Italy, made of bigotry, nationalism and , in order not to miss anything, of fascism.
"God, homeland and family", as the Balilla would have said once. And those who are still there now, inside and outside the government buildings. A Trinity that does not include cultural diversity and immigration, but, on the contrary, which fills their gestures of racism, many times explicit.
A reality that is adverse to the LGBTQIA+ community and the law of women to abortion, especially if we consider that the Italian state is a secular state.
Not Catholic. Quanding, in fact, are the pressures also by the Church on Italy in terms of human rights and abortion, going to deny them as rights as such, in the direction completely opposite to other European states.

It is not wrong, however, to say that abortion is not a right.

Because in our state it is not.
The 194, in fact, is not based on the positive affirmation of the right to abortion, but regulates cases in which abortion is not considered a crime.
The law is titled "Rules for the social protection of maternity and the voluntary interruption of pregnancy"And art. 1 says that "The state guarantees the right to conscious and responsible procreation, recognizes the social value of motherhood and protects human life from its beginning».

This, in fact, was born to limit the problem of illegal abortions, at the health level, and protects exclusively the right to the physical and psychic health of the woman, but leaves no room for the personal self -determination of the woman.



Since its approval, the law has been strongly and continuously attached, both trying to exploit some of its ambiguity, and playing on its application, which in fact remains very limited, although the circular on the update of the Guidelines on the voluntary interruption of pregnancy up to nine weeks completed by the gestational age (therefore no more seven) at adequately equipped public outpatient structures, functionally connected to the hospital and authorized by the Region, as well as consultors or Day Hospital.
From the start, the feminist movements reported that in the text of 194 they were and there are still important critical issues, which undermine the same right to health, first of all that of conscientious objection (which is not limited to medical personnel alone, but includes also the administrative one), used as a deliberate boycott action and which, unfortunately, does not remain the only one.
At the moment in Italy most voluntary abortions are performed within the tenth week of pregnancy, even if a small percentage of women asks for the IVG when the limit is now exceeded, perhaps after receiving a late diagnosis of severe pathology or fetal malformation , forcing a single alternative, namely to go abroad to access therapeutic abortion.
In fact, even if recommended by the main international scientific societies, in Italy no one performs the "therapeutic" abortion over the twenty -two week, so as not to risk having to revive a seriously sick fetus that should be born alive.
A law that denies the right to health and that obliges to go abroad even a single woman is not a right law.
And it does not really guarantee a right.



There is a need for a new law, which can finally intertwine two fundamental rights, that of health and that of self -determination.
More than forty years after the approval of 194, the law showed, in fact, not only the many problems related to its failure to apply - for which Italy has been repeatedly recalled by the European institutions - but also the limits that depend directly from what it contains.
And speaking of application, Fratelli d'Italia, who started led by Giorgia Meloni, proposes "the full application of law 194 on the voluntary interruption of pregnancy, starting from prevention - therefore of never getting there for abortion for them - and L 'Establishment of a fund to help sunny women and in economic difficulty to complete pregnancy ». Always Meloni continues: «I do not know it happened anywhere that a woman who wanted to stop pregnancy could not have done it. The right to abortion in Italy has always been guaranteed ".
And this is where Giorgia is wrong.
Referring to those protesters who say that in Italy there is a problem of accessibility to the voluntary termination of pregnancy due to the high number of conscientious objectors, Meloni always said: "But there is also the conscience of people, We cannot force people to do things that in conscience they do not feel they do. Freedom must be guaranteed. I believe that the balance that has been created is a balance that currently holds ".
So how can a woman be free to choose if in your city and region there is not even a non -objector doctor? How can your right be guaranteed? What kind of balance is this?
So why don't you demonstrate the same concern in guaranteeing the freedom to be able to access a sacrosanct right?

This, however, is something that their parties and pro-vita associations, to which they squeeze their eyes, do not want to guarantee.

And in this regard Emma Bonino, in response to Giorgia Meloni's statements, says: “Nobody forces a doctor to be a gynecologist if he is conscientious objector and nobody can force a woman to go to a region different from his to abort. The institutions must guarantee this right conquered right. If the legitimate freedom of consciousness of the doctors puts at risk the freedom and health of women, it simply turns into violation of a right ".

In fact, how is it possible to guarantee access to the voluntary termination of pregnancy if the situation is this?



From the analysis of the data obtained by regions, hospital companies and ASL, it was a first map that has clearly shown that the figures obtained and that are underestimated: there are in fact many specialists who, even if not expressly objectors, in fact do not practice there 'IVG. The investigation identified 31 structures (24 hospitals and 7 consultors) with 100% conscientious objectors, to which almost 50 are added with a percentage of more than 90% and more than 80 with a objection rate greater than 80 %. The problem is that the ministerial report does not bring out the territorial detail, which allows you to truly understand where the service that can guarantee the right to IVG is missing.



The 194 establishes, however, very clear limits to the conscientious objection: he first says that the status of objector concerns exclusively the practice, but nothing that is technically previous or following the practice itself, such as the delivery of the document attesting to it State of pregnancy and the will of the woman to interrupt it, a document that is necessary for abortion. It establishes that the certificate necessary to access the AVG can be issued by a doctor from the consultancy, the social and health facility or by the trusted doctor and says that the hospital bodies and authorized nursing homes are held in any case to ensure that there 'IVG can be carried out.
It therefore establishes that the objection should concern the individual doctor and not the entire structure.
As in Lombardy, one of the regions where you spend less for territorial medicine and where the accredited private consultors of Catholic inspiration have already have the possibility of making "structure consciousness" since 2000.
An illegal and completely unjust situation.
For this reason, conscientious objection comes into conflict with the right to protect women's health when there is no balance between the number of objectors and non -objectors, because there are responsibilities in the provision of a service that must be guaranteed by law.

For this reason, as Filomena Gallo, national secretary of the Luca Coscioni Association says, a public register of Objectors is necessary, because women who want to stop pregnancy must know what their doctor's orientation is.

And above all knowing that they can easily access the interruption, favoring more and more pharmacological, without having to intervene surgically and without an obligation to hospitalize.

De-Ospedalize abortion means, on the one hand, to reorganize the services but, on the other hand, a greater possibility of self-management by women.

Here too, however, the problems do not seem to end, despite the new guidelines of 2020 in favor of the pharmacological interruption and the de-hospitalization of the latter, consisting of the intake per day one of MifePristone (the famous RU486) and the Misoprostolo (prostaglandine), which takes on the third day by buccal or sublingual (the tablet should be melted slowly between the walls of the mouth and not swallowed up) or vaginal and which causes expulsion.

In fact, the right parties and the pro-vita fundamentalist organizations have made a common front: in some regions they openly boycotted the right of women to be able to choose for their own health.

  • In 2019, in Umbria, Donatella Tesei, exponent of the League, had signed a "valiant manifesto" promoted by seven antiabortist associations to support "the natural family based on the marriage between a man and a woman" and "life, from conception to Natural death ». Once elected, and consistently with what has been subscribed, Tesei had repealed a regional law approved by the previous center -left administration that provided for the hiring of RU486 in Day Hospital, forcing women to hospitalize for access to IVG.
  • At the end of January, the center -right majority of the Marche led by Fratelli d'Italia had decided to oppose the pharmacological abortion and the new ministerial guidelines for the full application of 194 in a region where on 137 hospital gynecologists, 100 are objectors of consciousness. The group leader to the Fratelli d'Italia Regional Council Carlo Ciccioli, to justify the limitations to the use of the abortion pill, had mentioned the imminent danger of an "ethnic replacement", claiming that in their absence they would increase children with "foreign" parents and instead the Italian ones would decrease.
  • At the beginning of February, the Abruzzo Region - governed by Marco Marsilio of Fratelli d'Italia - sent a circular to local healthcare companies "so that the pharmacological interruption of pregnancy with the use of MifePristone and Prostaglandine is preferably carried out in the hospital and not at the Family consultors ».
  • To the Regional Council of the RegionLiguria, Brothers of Italy had abstained from the agenda presented by the Democratic Party on the accessibility to IVG in the health structures of the territory.
  • The fourth commission of the RegionPiedmont Instead, he had approved a resolution to establish the "nascent life fund": 460 thousand euros for pro-vita organizations and associations for the two-year period 2022-2023.


At the end of September, on the initiative of Fratelli d'Italia and with the support of the President Alberto Cirio of Forza Italia, he had issued a circular that not only questioned the new methods of access to the abortion pill Ru486 in the consultors (La Vieta), but It finances and strengthens the entry of anti -abortion associations into public hospitals. In fact, it provides for the activation of pro-vita information counters within hospitals that practice IVG.

Last, but not least: the Senator of Forza Italia Gasparri, At the first session at Palazzo Madama, he presented a DDL to change art. 1 of the civil code on "recognition of the legal capacity of the conceived".

Despite the continuous attacks and the continuous obstacles, we at this Unique will not stop fighting and making correct information.

To fight and oppose so that the rights of each individual woman are respected.

In order for each woman to need it, can access abortion without any impediment.

So that each of us can live their lives with full respect for one's rights.


Lorenzo Ciol 






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