Craftherapy: the relaxing power of craftsmanship

Been to Dopamina? It is the "chemical substance of pleasure". Its release could be caused by the smell of your favorite food, by sexual activity, by an intense workout ... or by a crafting session.
In fact, several studies have shown that "doing by hand" can be therapeutic: just as it happens during meditation, cut out a moment to work ceramic, repair a expensive object or make a chief in crochet, allows you to distract from daily problems and get rid of it from stress, promoting greater mental clarity and concentration.


Research on the impact of mental health crafting has focused mainly on knitting. But there is good news: the technique does not matter! In fact, the same effects can be obtained from any activity, whether it is a knitting vest, a jacket with quilting or weave a macramé bag.


We have selected 3 different projects for all those who are curious to experiment firsthand the benefits of Craft-Therapy (obviously all Beginner-friendly!).



Granny Square


We saw them on cardigans, bags and tops: the granny Squares were among the greatest trends of 2022. These tiles - generally crochet - can be considered the Antonomasia of the craft -trapy. In fact, they constitute a project in itself, but they are a module that repeated and assembled can give life to garments, blankets or accessories. Having to repeat the same movements several times, it will surely help you free your mind.

Just with Granny Square, we made this band: watch the video and prepare the hooks!



• Have fun with ceramic


If as a child* you were a* big fan of the das, this is the technique for you! Watch our video in collaboration with This, Unique and create your ceramic vase. You will simply need a clay dough ... and your hands! UTM_Source = IG_WEB_COPY_link


Make up of wax pastels


If you feel the need to reconnect with nature and become more aware and responsible, follow Maibie in the creation of natural pastels. We are sure that in your kitchens there are all the plant pigments you may need: cocoa, turmeric or berries!

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