Chatter of sexuality: 5 books on female sexuality

In recent years there has been an increase in awareness of the
own sexuality, as well as relationships in general and the relationship with
What was once considered a taboo has become increasingly objectof debate and open discussion, also through publication of books dedicated to these themes.
In particular, thanks to the feminist movement, increasingly active and influent, the woman and her real needs (both physical and emotional) are taking space in public conversations (still too little), trying to free yourself from prejudices and limitations in the past they haveNo hindered the full expression of female sexuality.
Exploring female sexuality can be a challenge, since many Donthey have undergone a repressive socialization that brought them to feelingre shame or to feel limited in speaking openly of their seshisity.
Of what they live and feel within them.
These books, which explore female sexuality in depth, They will be our space to regain many of those things of which We would like to speak openly and a starting point, for the male gender, for integrate aspects of female in their own personal experience.
Vengo first me. Guide to pleasure and female orgasm I will sayBerta Rossi
I come first it is a sort of manual, written by the psychotherapist e
sexologist Roberta Rossi, for all women who wish to start
take more confidence with yourself and with your body: from
Masturbation sex. A book that takes its cue and narrates the story of
Many women - to be exact seedicimila - who have decided on conditiontheir doubts and personal experiences giving life to a Sinet and free dialogue concerning such an intimate topic and withTime as often neglected as female sexuality. Gradually that we proceed with the reading you strip yourself from taboos, clichés and fears And there are the answers to all those questions we never have had the courage to put out loud. Many stories, many lives that yes inTrecciano for a common end: by those who are not sure they have ever reached Lorgasm to those who are at the first experiences, to those who after childbirth struggles in Retrovare the pleasure and to those who in menopause clashes with a new condition and uncomfortable up to those who feel pain
THEL female pleasure. Discover, experiment and live sexualIlaria Consolor
Over the centuries, women have grown up with the idea of ​​the sameGliance to mere objects, crushed by conditioning and continuous repressessions, to the point of making these so rooted since the entrance
in the society made by girls. Now, however, women are trying to claim their right to look for and try sexual pleasure, as men can live it freemind without being judged for this. Despite the many progress that have been made, women still suffer from a double standard respect
to men, as well as of economic and social inequalities, of new ones
claims from the world of men, but also conflicts interni to themselves. The culture of belonging and stereotypes on the SESin fact their individuals still direct individuals, in general, and women In particular, towards sin, shame, unmistakable. Lto sexuality and eros are considered taboo and seen as something "dirty", of which it is better not to speak, relegated to the most hidden intimacy e rarely argued with freedom and without prudence. In this context, the author of the book offers an in -depth look at the female sexuality and on gender stereotypes associated with it, Attratowards a historical analysis and an educational proposal on sexuality and the VIreal your person. Ilaria Consolor, in fact, proposes an education affectivity and sexuality, trying to direct the woman to one greater awareness of SAnd and to fully enhance one's own femininity without tracing male models imposed by society. The book also offers male readers of the useful ideas to understand the female pleasure and integrate aspects of female in their Espepersonal rienza, freeing itself from gender stereotypes that often limitsno their sexual expression and that characterize the male sex. 
Ben it comes the pleasure. Practical guide to female sexuality e feminist of Giorgia Fasoli
In a world where female sexuality is still incredibly inpaper in dangerous taboos and stereotypes, which limit our life, the noStra happiness and the expression of ourselves Giorgia Fasoli, psychologist and sessuologation, he takes us on a journey through the discovery of ourselves: From anatomy to the functioning of pleasure, from autoeroticism to porn, From sexual fantasies to menopause.
Sexuality is therefore not only the sexual act in sAnd and is narrated atTraveled the thousand facets by embodimenting emotions, values, gene rolesre, costumes and cultural rules. A guide through female sexuality, regardless of orientationsexual chin, age, body weight, disabilities, which leads to the search for
What works for each of us without pudheries and prejudices.

PtheMY Acere. Extraordinarily practical guide to the orgasm of Theni
THEL achievement of sexual pleasure, if we look with critical eye e
Attentive the world and society, it is still a privilege for few donne: among the social conditions that lead to believe that it penetrates ittion is the only way to get to orgasm and the various taboos, it is difficult stagger and reach the truth about one's sexuality. Here because Leni, psychologist, sexologist and creator of the podcast of StororDIARINE SUCCESS I'm coming too, has decided to write this book: for lead us step by step to discover the wonderful temple which is the our bodyBrazen, irreverent and absolutely practical, My pleasure it is a real and own guide to women's orgasm and a journey to discover the body and our psyche, which aims to overcome the taboos leGati to pleasure and how women live it.
LEi comes first. Guide to female pleasureI of Ian Kerner
That of Ian Kerner is a book that instead turns to the public
In this manual, the renowned American sexologist Ian Kerner reveals
With irony and anatomical precision the mysterious world of the orgasm femminile, where the stimulation of the clitoris precedes penetration. In its "feminine" approach, the cunnilingus becomes the nucleus egsensual of a satisfying sexual relationship for both partners, giving importance to the communication and sharing of desires e sexual fantasies to create an atmosphere of intimacy. A book that does not limits to offering technical advice, but also highlights the importance of the emotional aspect of sexual intimacy, disappearing with funny tone The myths widespread on anatomy and female sexual response is instructive.
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