Absorbents in the company

Access to menstrual products improves health, wellness, inclusiveness and productivity in the workplace.

The lack of personal hygiene products, such as toilet paper, in public places such as schools, companies or universities can be a significant problem, since these assets are essential for health and personal hygiene.

In the same way, the menstrual cycle is a natural and inevitable physiological process for many people, and therefore the availability of menstrual hygiene products is equally essential, and the lack of absorbent in the moment of need can create discomfort and embarrassment for employees. Why, then, are not easily available in the common areas?

We at this, Unique, have developed a welfare project to be proposed to companies, universities and aggregation places that allows managers to allocate budgets for the purchase of absorbents to be made available to workers, students and frequents free of charge.

Why provide the absorbent to employees is an advantage for companies?

Attract and keep talents: High -level employers are offering breastfeeding rooms, parental leave, and childhood assistance services. Offering absorbent and free swabs should become standard for employee care.

Achieve sustainability objectives: From 2024 the sustainability budget will be mandatory for all companies. The This Unique products use 91% less than the other absorbents in the production phase, are free of plastic, compostable in 3 months and Tuv Austria certificates.

Action provided by the Gender Equality Plan To create more inclusive work environments with a series of structural and cultural actions, for gender discrimination and the promotion of the culture of respect and equal opportunities.

Increase the rate of presence and decrease in absenteeism: When employees have access to absorbents in the company, they no longer have to dedicate time to look for them elsewhere. This can help reduce interruptions, create greater serenity in the workplace and improve overall productivity, guaranteeing  

Our service:

This Unique proposes a kit Of absorbent And dispenser to be introduced into the bathrooms of your company: a service of Easy installation, from the great social impact and come on low costs (starting from € 0.50 per employee). The types of dispenser are varied, adaptable to every reality, from the small bar to the great corporate.
Here's how the service works:

  • Let's talk: This unique will guide you in the most suitable choices to your company, in call or email. The stocks come to the frequency you want, so you never stay without!
  • Your offer: Once the absorbents are chosen and the is dispenser, we will send everything
  • Launch: We design and communicate together the launch of the initiative

What can you do to get the absorbents in the company?

If you are the owner of the company, contact our team via fabio.capurse@thisunique.com, you will promptly receive a reply

If you are an employee, talk about us to your owner.

Enter the menstrual revolution, with This Unique.

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