Because femininity is not necessarily maternity

Mother's Day. There are those who await it with trepidation on the second Sunday of May, some with expectation, some with melancholy, some with sadness and there are also those who do not interest.
Too often, however, we are used to believing that a woman without children, one non -mother, do not fully exploit the potential of being a woman, who, in some way, miss her something. We think the words femininity And maternity are deeply and inextricably linked.
Which girl was never given to a doll, she was never asked to take care of the cousins ​​on the beach, she was never proposed to play "Mamma Casetta"?
And now, adult, and maybe around 30 he feels asking: "When are you doing a child?". As if a ticking watch was put in his hand, full of expectations. As if becoming a mother, wishing to be, was the destiny already written of every woman. As if the value of a woman was linked to being a mother.

You are women, regardless of being mothers or not. You are women regardless of the fact that we like children or not. We are free to choose and not feel judged for this.

The idea that a woman cannot be happy or feeling built without children, however, is still very rooted in our society. Who, at the frequent and aforementioned question, replies that they cannot have them are seen with compassion, commiseration. Fooding the sense of inadequacy and frustration. And who, on the other hand, replies that they do not want to have them is seen as a being who unscrupulously thinks of his interests before someone else's.

You are women, in a society that divides us into mothers and not mothers. There, just in the division, it would be nice to create a network ready to support without judging the choices other than ours.

A woman who has children is not only a mother, as well as a woman who has no children is no less mother and, after all, it is not being mothers who makes us more women.
Being mothers is to give life, take care, but not only and not necessarily a child.
There are many ways of being a mother: of their own children or children of others, of grandchildren, acquired children, projects and ideas; You can be a mother by dedicating life to help others, taking care of the environment that we will leave to the next generations, finding yourself and its own realization.
And therefore, on this second Sunday of May, we remember to celebrate mothers, the Moms by choice, the mothers of their own children or children of others. We celebrate those who feel mom in the soul.

Beatrice equal

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