An embarrassing "hair"

Have you pointed out that you had, on particular days, the hair in the armpits, or uncultivated mustaches? Yes, yes, well before the no wax movement was spread (= no wax!), To feed insecurities which then, to analyze well, are devoid of foundations if you reach the awareness of worth much more than a hair.

In recent periods there is a greater diffusion of self -awareness, especially in the younger generations that leads them to attribute the right weight to the unnameable fur.
For a long time, in fact, they have been lived and considered as a real taboo, due to the pressure exerted by the fee of the woman who has always and everywhere, doata andque of an indispensable survival kit in the event of more or less long life.

Showing too much hair could question the entire paradigm of femininity. The mantra that long dominated the scenario was that the hair never had to be seen: from here advertising commercials of razors and depilatory creams that flowed on the already perfectly smooth skin of the model. And we, poverty, always in perennial struggle with hair and tiring sitting from the beautician?

It was nice to deal with you some time ago, on our Instragram channel, on this topic: he always moves us when some of you shares his experience or thought with us, and the responses to specific stories about hair and hair removal were Many. We are happy to have listened to your stories and Felicə because we understand that the fact of or not eliminating hair from your body is transforming into a personal choice, free from gender preconceptions.

There is no response to what is more right, but it is nice to see that, after years, each chooses on the basis of itself, shaking to feel better or not doing it, without running the risk of being judicial for this.
We think this is a new page in defining a more free and more inclusive concept of beauty, within which each one can feel represented regardless of the hair.


Alice Carbonara

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E’ una cosa molto importante parlarne perche’ ci sono state ragazzine, soprattutto in passato, per cui i peli erano un problema serio. Io ho sempre amato la pelle liscia e non me ne dispiaccio. Questo “amore” non mi e’ stato imposto, sono nata cosi’. Le mie figlie hanno visto questo in casa ma non se ne sentono affatto condizionate. Ed io ne sono molto felice come mamma e donna

Cinzia Politano November 20, 2021

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