5 tips to have perfect hair during the cycle

How much can the menstrual cycle affect hair change? We talked to Shampora, an all -Italian reality that deals with the cure of the hair, creating 100% customized products for you. Together we deepened those that can be the interactions between menstrual cycle and hair.

  • Is there a correlation between hair and menstrual cycle?

We start from an assumption: each person and every body is different, for this there is no "standard" situation that occurs during menstruation as regards hair and scalp. In fact, each of us responds differently!
There are several people who note, however, a change in their hair related to the arrival of menstruation.
First of all, to understand the correlation between scalp and menstrual cycle, we must speak of hormones: our hair, as well as our skin, also change according to them. In fact, hormones influence not only our body and mind, but can influence the hair growth cycle, sebum production and cellular change.

  • How do menstruation influence hair and scalp?

In addition to finding any pains, dancer mood and generalized exhaustion, menstruation may not even save our hair and scalp.
Before menstruation, our body produces a higher level of androgens (male hormones) - in particular testosterone. Testosterone has several functions including that of naturally increasing sebum production. The hair could undergo an burden due to a greater accumulation of sebum on the scalp during the premenstrual period, appearing, especially in the upper part in the roots area, more dishes, oily and tending to get dirty faster.

During menstruation, on the other hand, a sudden drop of estrogen (female hormones) and iron and mineral levels present in our body is verified which, in combination to an increase in stress and physical fatigue, can lead to weakening the hair, which can appearing diverted and infragito and, in some cases, an increase in hair loss could also be found. Don't panic, however, the hair in this case grows alone!

What we can say with certainty is that hormones are among the main protagonists during menstruation. When they begin, they also condition our scalp, which could tend to be more sensitive and subject to irritation.

Obviously, each body is different and so their level of hormones: some people may notice an increase in sebum in the week before the start of menstruation, others during menstruation, still others may not notice a real difference compared to the other days . In short, each person has their own unique experience!


  • 5 useful tips to keep your hair healthy during the cycle?

To keep the hair and scalp at best during menstruation, the shampora team created a list of 5 tips to keep in mind:

  1. Don't do combs that pull the hair: the hair, during menstruation, are in fact weaker and tend to fall more easily. Preference of soft hairstyles such as braids or simply leave the loose hair. 
  2. Avoid too aggressive products: better use shampoo with delicate surfactants. These are kinder on the scalp during menstruation and prevent the excessive elimination of the natural sebum that protects the hair.
  3. Even if you feel the need to wash your hair every day, do not do it: try to wash it at most for every two days so as not to excessively remove the "good" sebum that keeps the hair healthy.
  4. Follow a balanced diet: take many vitamins, iron, folic acid, vitamin C, zinc and biotin. Conduct a diet rich in vegetables, fruit and proteins!
  5. Try to carve out time to rest: sleeping and loosening stress during the menstrual cycle (and not only) is important to lower the cortisol index (stress hormone) which has a fundamental role in regulating the life cycle of the hair follicle . In fact, a increase could lead to a reduction in the formation of the follicle and an acceleration of the degradation of substances necessary for the well -being of our hair. This can cause disorders and dysfunctions in the normal hair growth cycle with the effect of a possible increase in the fall.

To find out more than these tips, visit the website of Shampora

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