Yoga: the number one ally to find your balance - with Martina Rando

We chatted with Martina Rando, Yome's co-founder, a reality that offers lessons and yoga on demand courses, followed by a very nourished community.


In the last few years There is talk of yoga almost everywhere: On social media, in the supermarket, in the magazines of advice, on television, in the waiting room for the gynecological visit. In short, anyone who seems to recommend this discipline as the panacea of ​​all evils. But then is it all a fashion or truth?

I am Martina Rando, I am a Yoga teacher and I founded together with Martina Sergi and Claudia Casanova Yome, an online platform of yoga content, meditation, fitness and nutrition. My opinion could therefore play you biased, but even before going on I leave you my most important advice: Try to believe; Try more styles; Try more teachers and you will find the combo for you. I am sure that you can not do more. I have been teaching Yoga for six years, I had many students, in Italy, abroad, live and online, and everyone has always told me the same story "I didn't think I would ever like it, then I tried it and it became my number one ally". Words can be a little different, but the juice of the speech is always the same. 

Nowadays we all live very different everyday life but with many common denominators: short while; many "roles" to be covered and juggled; The need to be faster and faster, more smart, more multitasking. All this leads us more and more to be absent and to live every moment almost "passing". Nothing anomalous or to feel guilty is normal, but at the same time It gives birth to us a spontaneous need for balance, rooting, participation at the present moment: Yoga in all its forms presents itself as an answer to this need, as a source of fresh water when you are thirsty.

So What is yoga And how can it be an ally in our everyday life?
I like to define yoga as A path to a more conscious, safer and more present version of self. 

Below I report a series of statements about yoga that you probably have heard, and I will tell you why they are true:

Yoga is for all. 

There is no "yoga body"; It is not necessary to be flexible or strong; We must not know how to do something or have done certain sports. Yoga is for allə Because it has no ultimate goal except the achievement of our balance and well -being. Wellness and balance take on a different form for each person, so the road that leads us to their achievement is unique.

Yoga has physical and mental benefits. 

Yoga is a discipline that includes a part of physical practice, asanas and an inner part, meditation. Breathing is the bridge between physical and inner practice. The practice helps us to develop a deep bond between mind and body and to increase our resistance, strength, flexibility and balance in the literal and metaphorical sense. This allows us to be participated in the present moment, to feel calm and relax. 

There is a type of yoga for eachə our. 

Yoga is an ancient discipline and is characterized by a great variety of styles. There are more meditative types of yoga, others more physical and dynamic such as Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga, some more static such as Hatha Yoga and so on. With a little patience and open mind we will surely find the style and teachers who are more similar to our needs, the important thing is to indulge in the opportunity to try. 

Probably arrived at this point you are wondering "So where do I start from?" Will it be better to approach the meditative or physical side of the discipline first? Once again the answer lies within you: what are your interests? What fascinates you more? Start from what yoga is more in tune with your natural predisposition, whether it is the dynamic practice of the Asana, the practice of meditation or that of breathing techniques. In yoga there is no exclusion, whatever your starting point the practice will lead you to all the other points naturally.
I know that at this point all the objections start spontaneously: I have no time; There is no place near the house; maybe when I'm quieter at work, and so on. Time is an excuse, even ten minutes a day is enough to make the difference, in the morning or in the evening or in a break, no hours and hours are needed to start noticing the benefits; You don't have a study near the house, but surely (even more so if you are reading us) you have an internet connection, so we have also eliminated this excuse. Finally, work, family, commitments, stress, anxiety etc. These are the reasons why you need to make you a priority and cut out time for you. Remember that it cannot be poured from an empty carafe, and the yoga can be our daily "refill". 

Starting can be difficult, I understand it. Here you are Three simple and practical tips who can help you make this first step: 

  1. Begins gradually. Put 10/20 minutes a couple of times a week to insert yoga in your daily routine. Increases the duration and/or frequency slowly. The benefits depend on constancy, Better little and often that not so much every now and then. 
  2. From what style to start? If you are a person who like more dynamic activities you can approach more "active" styles such as Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Dharma, Rocket, to make some examples. If you are looking for a yoga style based on the practice of asanas, yoga positions, but less dynamic, hatha is a style to try absolutely. If you feel more in tune with the introspective part of the yoga proof of the meditation classes, midfulness or pranayama. 
  3. Where do I start? Online, in the yoga studio of your area, with a private teacher. Choose the easiest solution for you, the one that can allow you to be constant over time and that fits simple in your consolidated habits. 

Claudia, Martina and I founded Yome with the aim of make yoga (and well -being more generally) within the reach of Tuttə: an online platform that offers live content and on demand of different duration, of different styles, for all levels and with many teachers in order to give everyone the opportunity to "create" the mix that works for itself, everywhere and at any time.

I leave you reiterating the real advice of these pages: you can listen to your friend who recommended it, you can read this article and take it for good, but above all Try and decide from you.
Yoga does not make miracles, it will not give you the solution to all your problems, it will not make you feel in peace with the world 24h out of 24, but It will take you a step closer to the best version of you Stessə, and in my opinion it is already an enormous success in our slightly chaotic and upside -down lives. 


Martina Rando 

Co-Founder Yome 




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