What sound does love make?

What sound does love make? I often ask myself, since that time I heard his steps on the pavement as he came to me. Will that be? I thought, with the butterflies that wretched in the stomach. For a moment I believed it was his laugh, too trivial I said to myself. As well as the snap of his kisses first on my cheek, then on my mouth and inside my soul. That will be the sound of passion, as he wanted to remind us of the neighbor when he met us, and I smiled as I thought about it.

What I am sure is that love does not have the sound of its screams, those that came first furtive among the words and then they began to be part of our days, insistent and unwanted guests. Do you feel only me? I wondered several times. No one else seemed to pay us. 

Then a dry snap came. No, it can't be that. Love does not disgust on the cheek. I can't, I don't want to convince myself of the contrary. Another schiocco, another one, a thud, a click of ribs that change shape, the flow of a re -roller in the face. 

Over time I had convinced myself that the sound of love would have recognized it immediately: crystalline, like when the damp fingers slide on the edge of the glass, or maybe a trill that awakens the innerpided sensitudes. 

I never thought that love was an outbreak, a roar, such a strong frastuon, a siren that flashes and screams in the night ...

In the distance, I seemed to hear a news that spoke of me and the voice of the neighbor who accompanied the words "passionate crime". Oh no, lady, she should know that the sound of passion does not look like that of a shot at all.

What sound does love make? Find out for me and then, please let everyone know. 

Emilia Bano

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