The time of women

How many things can be done in 100 years for women?


How many things can be done in 100 Annthe? Many. Yet we seem not to realize what happens - every moment - around us and how much weighing time on our lives, especially on those of women. Because while the world outside runs spasmodically, performing as many actions as possible second for second, for women the time follows a different paradigm and perhaps, reading this, you will have clearer why.


In 1 second an bee slams the wings 230 times

In 1 minute 6000 lightning strikes the earth on average

In 5 minutes 10,200 trees are cut from the rainforest

In 20 minutes 8,400 new users register for Facebook

In 1 hour 108,000 stars explode

In 1 day 120,000 people have sex

In 1 week 3 women, on average, are killed

In 10 days 960 women suffer violence

In 30 days The moon aligns again with the sun and the earth

In 90 days On average, 450 matches are on average on Tinder

In 100 days About 1,497,600,000 coca cola cans are consumed in the world

In 9 months human life is formed in the womb

In 365 days 1,279,502,956,800 kg of garbage are produced on average

In 22 months an elephant completes her pregnancy

In 2 years They pour 199.307,520,000 tons of water in the Niagara waterfalls

In 35 years A woman faces about 420 menstrual cycles

In 40 years of fertility a woman consumes 11,500 absorbent

In 48 years Women obtained a law that decriminalizes abortion

In 50 years The women obtained the approval of the law that prohibits dismissal until the first year of the child

In 72 years and 110 days A woman kept one of the longest -lived kingdoms in the history of the monarchy

In 85 years Women obtained the right to vote

In 92 years The women obtained the repeal of the provisions on the crime of honor

In 132 years (perhaps) the global gap between the sexes will be filled.


Emilia Bano

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