How the mapping of your menstrual cycle can change your life

Have you ever noticed that there are days during the month when for the same activity it takes a completely different amount of time, or do you face the same situation in a totally different way? Sometimes in an hour in the office you worked like others in a whole day. Sometimes you are super productive or creative, others everything seems incredibly difficult for you and you even feel slowed down. The same disaster combined by your child sometimes makes you explode like a bomb and other times slide on you. The same course in the gym sometimes follows him easily, other arrivals exhausted. Sometimes you smug you for hours on a sentence that is said to you and you think that everyone has it with you and others don't even notice. What if I told you that this does not happen at random but follows a cyclic pattern that repeats itself more or less the same every month?

Six 4 different women every month. One for each phase of your menstrual cycle. Meanwhile, it is good to specify that when we talk about cycle we talk about all 4 phases and not only of menstruation, which is the first of the 4 phases and lasts from 3 to 7 days. The second phase is the follicular phase, which goes from the end of menstruation to the ovulatory phase, which is our third phase and the shortest. In fact, it begins when sighing the famous stringy or egg white mucus and ends with the release of the egg cell that takes place a few days later. Not all of them notice but starting to pay attention to how your losses change is the first step to connect with yourself and start recognizing each of the phases. The last phase is the luteal or premenstrual phase, which begins after ovulation and ends with the arrival of subsequent menstruation. Its duration is always the same for every woman, so when menstruation delay is because it has late ovulation. One more reason to learn to recognize it: knowing that ovulation has late can save a lot of anxieties while waiting for menstruation.

How do you map the cycle?
Each woman has to find her method, the starting point is to dedicate a moment every evening to listen to you and ask you how you are. Then you can choose whether to keep a real diary or simply mark a few words for each day (there are special wedges sheets). What must not be missing is the phase in which you are, both hormonal and lunar, because the moon also influences us with its 4 phases. Here, even if you find yourself in a moment of your life in which you don't have the menstrual cycle, you can soaping yourself equally by following the moon. Other things you can notice are: level of concentration, mood, tolerance, intuitiveness, level of energy, need for confirmation, attention or physical contact, safety in yourself, reaction to stress, sociality, physical changes, introspection or Lightness, perception of pain, recurring dreams, levels of productivity and creativity, organization and precision. External events will also affect: if you get off in the phase in which you are usually more energetic, obviously that month will be different. One thing that can then help you have a clearer idea of ​​how your month went at a glance is to use 4 or 5 colors with which to highlight the emotions and similar sensations with each other.

The fact of starting after a few months to recognize that certain reactions or sensations reply in the same phase can help you organize your working and personal life. For example, if you discover that you are super creative during the premenstrual, why strive to write your newsletter in ovulation, when maybe you get a mediocre text and put a day with relative frustration, while in the creative phase in 2 hours you get a WOW text. ? Or if you know what to make crossfit during the menstruation lets you spit and do not make it, why not book a yoga lesson? Why fix a meeting with your team in a phase in which you know that you don't send them to say and everyone are on the boxes? Mapparti will therefore allow you not only to improve the management of time in work (where possible), but also to program you in advance of the spaces for yourself and for rest in the periods when physiologically it is necessary (also thanks to the more time you will have ), not dragging tiredness into the subsequent stages. In addition, you will be able to manage mood changes, frustration, anger and guilt, if you recognize that biologically they depend on your hormonal change and you are not crazy. Clearly these are only examples, each based on its needs will have its objectives.


I will not tell you that it will be easy and quick to understand and predict everything about you. That's why many women turn to a life coach specialized in cyclicality to accompany them to better understand their menstrual cycle and exploit their potential. Because it took from the daily routine we never take some time to listen to and ask ourselves how we are, we are not capable of it. Instead that moment in the evening everything for you will have some amazing effects immediately, because you will start listening to you, to legitimize what you really need and therefore love yourself!

Paola Ghilardini - Life Coach for women

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