Hair removal and menstruation between myth, taboos and social conventions

Have you ever heard that during menstruation is it forbidden to show off the razor? Or that could lean on a quiet menstrual flow into an unstoppable waterfall? Well, it's time to put an end to these myths who have terrified women for too long. Take your razor and prepare to dispel the legends of hair removal during the cycle!

Myth 1: depilation cannot be done during the menstrual cycle.

This myth is more rooted than an ingrown hair, but the truth is that there is no medical reason to avoid hair removal during menstruation. The choice to deploy or not depends on personal preferences and the comfort of the person. There are no health risks associated with hair removal during this period. So if you want to show off smooth and bright legs during your cycle, go ahead without fear!

Myth 2: Depilation makes the menstrual flow more abundant.

A myth that deserves to be depilated by our mind! Depilation has no impact on menstrual flow. The latter is determined by factors such as hormones and the general health of the individual, and not by how many hair you decide to eliminate. So if you thought that hair removal could transform your flow into an impetuous river, you can feel calm. Reality is much less dramatic than you can imagine.

Myth 3: The hair removal during menstruation is more painful.

It is time to dispel the myth of "painful" hair removal during the cycle. From a scientific point of view, there is no basis for this statement. However, it is true that during menstruation, some people could experience greater sensitivity of the skin or greater sensitivity to pain. In this case, don't fear! You can adopt some precautions, such as the use of specific products for sensitive skin or opt for hair removal methods that cause less annoyance, such as the good old razor.

It is essential to remember that menstruation and hair removal are personal affairs. Each individual has the right to make decisions based on their preferences and comfort. So if you prefer to let nature follow its course without interference, go ahead. On the contrary, if you want to show off a smooth skin even during the cycle, nothing stops you!

In addition, we know that during menstruation women can face a series of challenges, and hair removal should certainly not be added to the list. So, relax, take care of yourself and remember that beauty is subjective. You are free to embrace your femininity at any time of the month, hair or not.

In conclusion, it is time to say goodbye to embarrassing myths and embrace scientific truth. Despilation during menstruation is completely safe, and any decision you make about your personal beauty is the right decision. Do not let me mean that they implicate you in your self -esteem and well -being path. Hairy or shaved, you are wonderful in your way!

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