The menstruation are normal, but are not considered as such. The menstrual taboo rooted in our culture has led not to want to speak of it, a disinformation And disinterest in creating products that are safe for people and the environment. 
For this reason this was born: because as for the rest, also the people who have menstruation They can customize the box with absorbent and swabs that most adapt to their physiological needs, respecting the diversity of one's body and flow. Unique, for allǝ.
This mission of This, Unique goes beyond the absorbent. We use our voice and community to break down the stigma and the shame that surrounds the menstrual cycle and challenge the negative attitudes that still exist. We are here to increase awareness, eliminate taboos and improve the cycle of people. And their lives.

The values ​​that belong to us are those of inclusiveness And respect, towards people and towards the environment. This is the reason for our product line entirely compostable And plastic-free

From Solǝ, however, we would not exist: thanks to those who in recent months believed in us supporting us with a comment, reading or a purchase.

We want to share our impact with as many people as possible. We regularly participate in university lessons and conferences to bring our experience and open the dialogue.

For us, menstruation is a revolution because there is still a lot to do to make them a better experience!


Join Menstral (R) Evolution, try the Absorbents This Unique.